Vermont’s Agency of Education is confirming that an administrative assistant to Secretary Rebecca Holcombe and to the State Board of Education was arrested on Friday, charged with child sex assault.

The Agency released the following statement Monday morning:

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More than 1,200 dams hold up rivers, creeks and streams across Vermont. Some, built over a century ago, are relics of another time when Vermont ran on mills, logging and small-scale hydro power.

Currently only 80 of the state's dams are actively used for hydropower or flood control. Far more are no longer serving any purpose at all. About 200 of these so-called “deadbeat dams” are, to critics, deteriorating and reducing habitat for fish and hampering recreational activities for humans.

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There’s a brisk debate in St. Johnsbury over whether to open an emergency warming shelter this winter.  Several sites have been proposed and rejected. So the fate of about 40 homeless families is still unclear.

The Northeast Kingdom town is deeply divided about a problem that is affecting many communities. A few retailers fear a downtown shelter could hurt business on Railroad Street, which has been trying to attract more shoppers.

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Vermont's farmland, with its lush green fields, iconic red barns and black and white Holsteins have inspired many artists.

At a new exhibit at the Brattleboro Museum and Art Center, "Shedding Light on the Working Forest," painter Kathleen Kolb is urging viewers to consider the state's forest industry with the same appreciation.

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An Amtrak passenger train carrying 102 people derailed Monday morning in Northfield after pieces of rock ledge fell onto the tracks. Seven people were injured in the accident, including one who was airlifted to Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center, but emergency officials say it could have been much worse.

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Former state senator Matt Dunne has formally kicked off his campaign to win the Democratic nomination for governor. Dunne says his top priority is to build a Vermont economy that "works for every person in the state."

He was also critical of how the administration of Gov. Peter Shumlin has managed health care and education.

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That distinctive fragrance of cool, moist air mixed with falling leaves is everywhere. The end of the growing season is unmistakable.

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The Adamant Cooperative Store, which claims to be the country’s oldest continuously operating food cooperative, is celebrating its 80th birthday.

The Adamant Co-op is a general store, post office and all-around community hub located between Calais and East Montpelier. Like many Vermont general stores, it has struggled to remain relevant in recent years. Perhaps its resilience can be attributed its founding during the Great Depression.

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The fifth and sixth graders file down the stairs and into the school library, like they’ve done hundreds of times before. They’re the big kids at Beeman Elementary, and library time isn’t just about read-alouds and checking out books anymore. Librarian Nancy Custer Carroll has a lesson for them on characters in Laura Marx Fitzgerald's book Under the Egg.

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By October 1st every year, colleges and universities around the country are required to report statistics about crime on their campuses, including sexual offenses. We're taking a look at those numbers, and talking about sexual assault at our local colleges - and how some of those schools are taking on the issue.