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Seventh Generation Says Corporate Buyout Is A Chance To Take Its Mission Global

On its face, the purchase of Vermont-based Seventh Generation by the giant multinational Unilever seems like a straightforward a corporate buyout. But leadership and employees alike says it’s a chance for the company to expand its sustainable mission — and go global.
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The 2016 Presidential Race has dominated the headlines for much of this election cycle. But as we near Election Day, voters begin to focus on statewide offices and their local State House and Senate races.

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This week, Vermont Edition brings you election debates for three statewide offices.  On Thursday, the leading candidates for state auditor meet in a live, face-to-face debate.

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Three candidates are vying for the job of lieutenant governor in this year's general election.

The Green Mountain Care Board on Wednesday approved a plan that will dramatically change how health care providers are reimbursed in Vermont.

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Merchant’s Bank, the last statewide, state-chartered bank in Vermont, plans to merge with New York-based Community Bank System in a deal announced Monday.

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VPR Debates: Post Your Questions For The Candidates

From Tuesday Oct. 25 through Thursday Nov. 3, VPR will host debates for statewide offices – and we want to include your questions in each forum.
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Timeline: Arnold Schoenberg

Arnold Schoenberg was a composer, teacher, music theorist and painter. He developed techniques of composition that turned music upside down and backwards. He was called an expressionist and the founder of atonalism and serialism, but regardless of what Schoenberg is called he is one of the pivotal figures of 20th century music.
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Brave Little State

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Your Vermont Ghost Stories: A Halloween Special From Brave Little State

In this Halloween special from Brave Little State, a terrifying compendium of spine-tingling Vermont ghost stories, as told to us by … you.
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