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It's just after 10 a.m. on a weekday and Monique Oxender is standing on a rocky bank next to the Winooski River with an empty beer can.


A confidential memo obtained by Vermont Public Radio shows that the Agency of Education is still working to decipher a school reform law passed by the Legislature earlier this year. The ambiguity centers on how to deal with the 93 Vermont towns where parents get to decide what school their children attend.

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Dr. Seuss fans have a big treat this summer: An unpublished manuscript found among papers left by the late children's writer has just been released.

Right inside the entrance to the Dartmouth bookstore, there it is, a book that was almost lost to history. Almost a quarter century after the death of Dr. Seuss — a.k.a. Theodore Geisel — a new book is for sale.

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The killing of Cecil the lion by an American big game hunter in Zimbabwe has enraged many people on social media. It also raises questions about the legal protections and social norms around hunting and poaching wild animals.

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In 1839, Bennington cabinet-maker Hastings Kendrick placed an advertisement in the Vermont Gazette. His tagline? "Rich and tasty furniture." The Shelburne Museum used that phrase as the title for their big new exhibit: "Rich and Tasty: Vermont Furniture to 1850."

The Vermont Pension Investment Committee is considering divesting its portfolio from companies that support the fossil fuel industry for the third time in two years. Climate activists were present at the meeting held on the morning of July 28, but not in the numbers that were anticipated.

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Some Middlebury residents are concerned about a $55 million project to replace two aging state-owned rail bridges in the downtown. Some say disruptions would be devastating to local businesses, others say they’d rather have trains out of the town center all together.

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The panel that oversees Vermont’s $4 billion pension fund rejected a proposal Tuesday to sell off its shares in oil and coal companies. But proponents of fossil fuel divestment say it’s past time for the state to sever financial ties with the industries they blame for climate change.


Tensions around renewable energy development surfaced at the first meeting Tuesday of a state task force charged with sorting out issues related to siting solar projects.

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There’s been a lot more talk over the past week about something that’s had a hard time finding political traction in Vermont: tougher ethics laws. Republican State Representative Heidi Scheuermann has advocated for ethics laws in the past and joined VPR to discuss the issue.