Saturday is free ice fishing day in Vermont. Franklin County Stormwater has tips for dealing with ice and snow. Rutland is asking municipalities around the state to sign a resolution regarding siting renewable energy projects.

Vermont Department of Public Service

FairPoint Communications has rolled back the number of telephone and Internet service delays to where it was before workers went on strike.

But the state says there are still too many delays in repairs and service.

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State health officials say seven children and one adult at Charlotte Central School have tested positive for tuberculosis.

The news comes after a staff member was discovered to have an active case of the disease earlier in the month.

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In the late 19th century, the Arctic Basin was a mystery to many, destroying ships and explorers with its fierce ice. The Fram was a revolutionary ship designed to solve this problem, built to latch on to, and float with, the Arctic ice.

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The newly installed bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington exuberantly exclaims that getting "fannies in the pews" is one of his top goals. 

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In December, Governor Peter Shumlin decided that the numbers just didn't add up to continue pursuit of the single-payer health care system. But that didn't end the work of the Green Mountain Care Board, which was created by the Legislature in 2011

Green Mountain Care Board Chairman Al Gobeille discusses what the board has achieved thus far and what their goals are regarding health care reform.

The New Hampshire Executive Council has approved a $13 million contract for FairPoint Communications to provide Internet and telecommunications services for state government.

The approval came after an earlier decision on the contract was delayed due to service problems experienced by the company’s Granite State telephone customers.  

As part of the contract agreement, FairPoint will hold public meetings around the state to discuss the service issues.

A ban on industrial wind projects: that's the recommendation by the executive board of the Northeastern Vermont Development Association, hoping the full board will agree and include the industrial wind project moratorium in its regional plan.

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Christopher Coyne was officially installed today as the Tenth Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington. Representatives of the church joined Vermont Catholics for the ceremony at Saint Joseph Co-Cathedral.

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Dartmouth College President Philip Hanlon announced Thursday several unprecedented steps that he hopes will create a safer environment on campus. His speech follows concerns about about the rising incidence of sexual assaults and high risk drinking.