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Germany may have a woman chancellor, but more than two-thirds of German businesses have no women in a senior role. It’s not much better in the United States. According to a study by the Grant Thornton International Business Report, of 45 countries, the U.S. ranked ninth from last when it came to women in top managerial positions – well behind Russia, Indonesia, Latvia and Peru.

You might think things are better in Vermont. But of the 99 largest employers in the state, just 15 percent are headed by women. 

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Higher Ground, a music venue in South Burlington, sold out a string of shows this past weekend. But it wasn't a band that folks were lining up to see.

The performance space hosted a popular festival celebrating the art of burlesque.

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And yes, some of the performers were less than fully clothed. But styles ranged from operatic parodies to slapstick. First you might see a chorus line, then a striptease.

Over the course of last year the Vermont unemployment rate bumped up and down quite a bit from month-to-month, and the December figure of 4.2. percent is actually higher than its been most of the year.

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Last year, Vermont lawmakers heeded President Obama’s call to boost the minimum wage. But it’s unclear whether the president’s recent push for paid sick days will spur action in the Statehouse in 2015.

Gov. Peter Shumlin last year embraced the president's mission as his own. And Shumlin’s advocacy in the Statehouse helped deliver a modest victory for the state’s lowest-wage workers who will, under the law, be making a minimum of $10.50 per hour by 2018.

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Former Executive Director of the Vermont Human Rights Commission Robert Appel recently wrote an opinion piece for the Rutland Herald that questioned the effectiveness of the state's bias-free policing policy. He was particularly concerned that traffic-stop data that has been collected has not been analyzed.

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Vermont spent about 15 percent of its state budget on early childhood education in 2013. A little less than half of that expense supported K-3 education, and the rest targeted the needs of younger children. But many working families still cannot afford child care, according to a new report from an early childhood advocacy group.

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Every winter, the Vermont Farm Show is a chance for farmers to check out new equipment and trade information about issues affecting them. One of the big topics this year: the impact of farms on the water quality of Lake Champlain.

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Did you know most salts won't melt ice when the temperature is below 15 degrees Fahrenheit? Or that cracked corn is a good traction alternative to sand or kitty litter?

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A powerful coastal storm is forecasted to bring heavy snow and high wind to Vermont, beginning in the southern part of the state on Monday afternoon and moving northward through Tuesday.

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With a winter storm bearing down on New England, some homeless people may seek emergency refuge. During the day, they may ask for housing help in person at a Vermont Human Services office. After business hours, they can call VT 2-1-1. On evenings and weekends, those 2-1-1 calls are re-routed to Maine.