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Snow covered ground and trees in Vermont.
Amy Kolb Noyes / VPR File

Winter Storm Warning Across Vermont This Weekend. Here's What To Know

A winter storm warning is in effect for all of Vermont as we head into the holiday weekend, with snow expected to start late afternoon Saturday and continue through Sunday afternoon, according to the National Weather Service in Burlington.

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Rich Pedroncelli / AP File Photo

It has been more than three months since 215 Vermont inmates were transferred from a government-run prison in Pennsylvania to a private prison in Mississippi. Although the idea of private prisons is not popular in Vermont, corrections and prisoner-rights groups say that, so far, the inmates are better off in Mississippi.

An aerial shot of the House floor on the opening day of the Vermont Legislature in 2019.
Oliver Parini / For VPR

Vermont's House of Representatives is one of the few House chambers in the country that doesn't use an electronic voting system to tally roll call.

Chittenden Rep. Jim Harrison wants to change that and is sponsoring a bill to implement an electronic voting system as early as next year. 

The state is close to reaching an agreement with the company linked to widespread water contamination around Bennington.

Dave Brinkman / Wiki Commons

Music for Martin Luther King Jr., some masterful a capella, a preview of Montpelier's Spice On Snow festival, and, as always, even more!

This program will air on Sunday January 2oth from 7-10 p.m.

This week's calendar announcements:

The 2019 WalkOver Cabin Fever Series in Bristol launches on Saturday, January 26th at 8 p.m. with Jamie Masefield and Tom Cleary.

A row of six phones, each served by a different carrier with a variety of wires.
John Dillon / VPR

Two state officials devised a data collection project this fall to challenge cell carriers' claims that between them they cover virtually the entire state.

All Things Considered host Henry Epp talked to VPR reporter John Dillon about the goal of improving cell service around Vermont, and the MacGyver-like problem solving that went into the state's challenge. 

Gabriel Sohier Chaput, known online as "Zeiger," was unmasked in a series of May articles from the Montreal Gazette. The stories came together from the research and reporting of two Concordia journalism students, Shannon Carranco and Jon Milton.
Southern Poverty Law Center

One of the most influential neo-Nazis in North America, responsible for recruiting a network of white supremacists online, was operating secretly in the city of Montreal. But the bombshell reporting published in May by the Montreal Gazette came to the paper by an unusual path: after months of research and reporting by a pair of journalism students at Concordia University, Shannon Carranco and Jon Milton.

Rep. Pattie McCoy sits in the Vermont House chamber, looking ahead with hands folded.
Oliver Parini / For VPR

Since the Civil War, there has never been a time when the Republican Party in Vermont has had so few members in both the House and the Senate. GOP leaders say this current situation has a profound impact on the role of the Republican caucuses at the Statehouse.

Stefanie Schaffer does a plank on a mat as part of her core excersies for physical therapy. She has two prosthetic legs.
Nina Keck / VPR

An explosion on a small tour boat turned a dream vacation in the Bahamas into a nightmare for one Rutland family. Doctors gave 22-year-old Stefanie Schaffer a 50 percent chance of survival, but now after six months — and dozens of surgeries — she's back home in Rutland reclaiming her life.

House Speaker Mitzi Johnson joins us to talk about her legislative agenda.
Oliver Parini / For VPR

One of the goals of House Speaker Mitzi Johnson is to create economic development programs that can revitalize rural parts of Vermont. We're talking with Speaker Johnson about her priorities for the coming legislative session.

The Spirit Sanctuary in Essex, New York hopes to preserve a wildlife corridor by turning it into a "green" burial ground.
The Spirit Sanctuary, courtest

To preserve a wildlife corridor between Lake Champlain and the Adirondacks that could help animals survive a changing climate, a new organization is taking a unique approach: the Spirit Sanctuary in Essex, New York is buying up land for people who want to be buried there.


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