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Gov. Peter Shumlin is losing favor among the Vermonters that elected him, according to a new poll commissioned by VTDigger.org.

A survey of 700 Vermonters, conducted in mid-February by the Castleton Polling Institute, found that more people disapprove of the Democratic governor’s job performance than approve of it.

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Voters in the tiny Northeast Kingdom town of East Haven will decide Tuesday whether to approve an education budget that would raise their taxes. The town closed its school four years ago, but it’s turning out to be more expensive to educate East Haven children elsewhere than it was to keep the school doors open.

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Most of us who work for a business appreciate some openness about how the company is doing and how decisions are made.

But how would you feel if everything in the workplace was out in the open – including your salary and those of your co-workers?

Cities and towns all over Vermont are contending with freezing water pipes. Two Upper Valley towns are voting on consolidating elementary schools. Five cities are holding mayoral elections.

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Gov. Peter Shumlin wants to raise $90 million in state revenues to pay for a wide ranging health care reform agenda. And while a key House committee is backing his push for new taxes, the House Committee on Health Care looks to be leaning toward a tax on sugar-sweetened beverages to raise the money, not the payroll tax preferred by Shumlin.

While there maybe some agreement at the Statehouse on the health care policies that need to be addressed this year, there is a lot disagreement on how to pay for these programs.

Burlington officials are working to strike the balance between two fundamental aspects of government: Keeping speech free and keeping government resources off the campaign trail.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders recently spoke at the Brookings Institute in Washington, D.C., about the key issues facing the country. It was also an opportunity for Sanders to outline the priorities he would pursue if he decides to run for president.

The big question is, will he run? And if he does, will he be a candidate in the democratic primary?

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It may seem as though social media sites like Twitter are full of griping and negativity, but it turns out this may not be entirely true.

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We think of Town Meeting as a hallowed institution and a hallmark of local democracy in action, but the fact is fewer of us are participating.

Town meeting attendance continues to decline despite efforts to boost participation. 

What else can we do?

We talk with Susan Clark and Frank Bryan whose revised edition of All Those In Favor, a study of Vermont's Town Meeting tradition, has just been released.

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