Dartmouth College President James Hanlon has joined his counterpart at Stanford University in apologizing to the state of Montana for a questionable election-season research experiment polling voters in New Hampshire, California and Montana.

If you’re a fan of Korean kimchi, beer, hard cider, or sauerkraut - then you might want to head to Green Mountain College Saturday. Experts and vendors will be on hand to share and celebrate the art of fermentation.

Scientifically, fermentation is the metabolic process that converts sugars to acids, gases and-or alcohol.  There’s a lot more to it than that, but we’ll leave the science there for now.

Peter Italia, the Rutland man in quarantine after returning from West Africa, has a strange backstory. And the public discourse around this story  is full of questions and, in some cases, intense hostility. The criticism has become so intense that Italia said he doesn’t feel free to leave his “voluntary” quarantine at an undisclosed location.

“That’s just going to give people ammunition to assault me even more, so I’m not going to do that – even though I could, and probably should,” Italia said in an interview Friday.

Burlington College is trying to sell off some land to get out of a bad financial situation, and they want to give conservation groups a chance to buy the land. Those groups say it's unlikely they'll be able to compete with the millions a local developer has agreed to pay for the property.

Maddie Magnant of South Burlington tells us what she loves about each of Vermont's distinct — sometimes lovely, sometimes taxing — seasons.

Spring? "I love animals." Summer? "I'd have to go with some of the kids classics: ice cream, swimming in pools." Fall? "Red, gold, tiger orange, jade." Winter? "I can finally have some time to myself."

Vermont’s online health insurance exchange is running over budget, according to a document obtained by Vermont Public Radio.

In a “situation summary” issued on Oct. 23, key officials at Vermont Health Connect indicate that the project could run nearly $20 million over budget. The document says “there is a current shortfall of $11 million compared to what was requested in (federal) grants.” The document goes on to say that the state may incur an additional $8.5 million in expenses for which there is not yet an identified funding source.

Poet Galway Kinnell died on Tuesday of leukemia at his home in Sheffield. He had been described as a writer with the ability to flesh out music, raise the spirits and break the heart. He said he discovered the music in language in the rhythm of his mother’s Irish accent. In his career, Kinnell won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award.

We listen back to an interview with Galway Kinnell that was recorded in 2009.

Next Tuesday voters will go the polls to elect statewide and legislative candidates. Friday on Vermont Edition, we preview Election Day in a roundtable discussion with some of the state's best political reporters.

We look at the people and issues in Campaign 2014, with a special focus on the governor's race between Democratic incumbent Peter Shumlin and Republican challenger Scott Milne, and the lieutenant governor's race between incumbent Republican Phil Scott and Progressive challenger Dean Corren.

The Selectboard and members of the police chief search committee Monday night revealed that Thetford had formally offered the position of police chief to two candidates, and both of them turned it down, at least in part, because of the compensation package.

“A lot of this is about money. ... Your top two people rejected partially because of money,” Vermont State Police Lt. Russ Robinson, a search committee member, said during the Selectboard meeting at Town Hall. “If you have the right person, you might have to pay a little more.”

A three-way contest is underway for the two Senate seats that represent Bennington County and the Windham County town of Wilmington. Two Democrats – a longtime senate incumbent and a current house member – are running as a team. They face a relative political newcomer  who’s running as a Republican.