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Former Fish & Wildlife board chairman Brian Ames, left, and photographer Candace Brown discuss who should be able to use the state boat launches while standing along the Connecticut River in Putney.
Howard Weiss-Tisman / VPR

Who Should Have Access To State Boat Ramps?

Vermont's boaters and anglers pay for public boat launches through their license fees and specific use-taxes, and the general public is not allowed to park at the areas for other uses. But the chairman of the committee on Fish, Wildlife & Water Resources says the boat launch areas should be available to everyone.

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Aging Well: Redefining Retirement in Vermont

Howard Weiss-Tisman / VPR

Where Boomers Decide To Live Will Put Squeeze On Entire Vermont Housing System

As the baby boomers head into retirement the decisions they make about where they want to live will have ripple effects throughout the state's housing market.

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What Is The Biggest Number?

What's the biggest number? Who was the first mathematician? Why is seven a lucky number? Why is fifth grade math so hard? We're tackling something new: questions about math! With us to offer some answers and some mind-blowing concepts is author Joseph Mazur.

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Explore the development of western music: Subcribe to Timeline

U.S. Public Domain

Timeline: The Pentatonic Scale

James: You’re hearing recording artist Bobby McFerrin at the 2009 World Science Festival. I asked a couple of my colleges at Vermont Public Radio to watch a video of Bobby leading the crowd in a musical, communal social experiment and give us their reactions.

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Brave Little State

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What Would It Look Like If Vermont Seceded?

We aren't endorsing it, but ... if Vermont did manage to secede from the United States, how would we fare?

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Raymond Zirblis / Friends of Freedom: The Vermont Underground Railroad Survey Report

What's The History Of The Underground Railroad In Vermont?

Suggest An Artist To Perform Live From The Fort

Eye On The Sky

Vermont Edition

Person with arms extended looking at a sunset.
Irudayam / Flickr Creative Commons

Giving Thanks: What Are You Grateful For?

On the day before Thanksgiving, what are are you grateful for? Wednesday on Vermont Edition, we're exploring who and what makes us feel gratitude, and how we can turn feelings of gratefulness into action.

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Holiday Programming

Thankgiving Special Programming

Join VPR this Thanksgiving for a holiday tradition and some new programs, too!

VPR Classical is Vermont's statewide classical music station and the voice of Vermont's classical music community.

Program Features

Pumpkin pie might be the go-to dessert at Thanksgiving, but there are many varieties of winter squash that also make for a delicious pie.
pilipphoto / iStock

Vermont Garden Journal: Pumpkin And Other Squash For Pies

With Thanksgiving on the way, many of us are looking up recipes for pumpkin pie. While pumpkins certainly make great pies, other types of winter squash make wonderful pies, too.

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