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Saturday will be the last day that people in Bristol can take their trash to the town landfill. The unlined dump is shutting down after nearly 100 years of operation. 

The town was losing money on the landfill as residents recycle more of their refuse.

A new rule implemented last year has caused a sharp upward spike in investment offerings in Vermont businesses, officials say. Another change instituted this month could present even more opportunities for local companies.

A new national poll out Thursday shows Sen. Bernie Sanders gaining ground in his presidential campaign.

The Quinnipiac University Poll shows Sanders trailing Hillary Clinton. The former Secretary of State gets 55 percent of the Democratic votes nationwide, with Sanders garnering 17 percent.

But Tim Malloy, assistant director of the university's polling center, says the poll shows growing support for Sanders.

New England Dairy Promotion Board

The Vermont Agency Of Agriculture wants you to have breakfast on them with a local dairy farmer. The first Vermont Breakfast on the Farm will be held at Nea-Tocht Farm, in Ferrisburgh.

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As the permitting process gets underway for the TDI-New England proposal for the New England Clean Power Link, another submarine transmission cable is in the planning stages, part of a rush of proposed projects to bring renewable energy to New England states working to change their energy portfolios.

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The killing of Cecil the lion by an American big game hunter in Zimbabwe has enraged many people on social media. It also raises questions about the legal protections and social norms around hunting and poaching wild animals.

A Vermont corporation is playing a role in bringing a much-talked about Tesla product to market. The Dynapower Company, based in South Burlington, is making energy storage inverters for Tesla's Powerpack battery system.

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It's just after 10 a.m. on a weekday and Monique Oxender is standing on a rocky bank next to the Winooski River with an empty beer can.


A confidential memo obtained by Vermont Public Radio shows that the Agency of Education is still working to decipher a school reform law passed by the Legislature earlier this year. The ambiguity centers on how to deal with the 93 Vermont towns where parents get to decide what school their children attend.

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Dr. Seuss fans have a big treat this summer: An unpublished manuscript found among papers left by the late children's writer has just been released.

Right inside the entrance to the Dartmouth bookstore, there it is, a book that was almost lost to history. Almost a quarter century after the death of Dr. Seuss — a.k.a. Theodor Geisel — a new book is for sale.