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Vermont's counterculture of the 1970s marked a time a massive social change, and it continues to influence the state today.  It was decade when the state's population increased by 15 percent, and communes and agricultural experiments proliferated, along with political and social activism.

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The Shumlin administration says it is "very confident" that a key function of the state's health care exchange will be working by the end of next month. The governor says he'll ask lawmakers to drop the state's exchange and move to a federal model if this deadline isn't met.

One major problem that has plagued Vermont Health Connect since it went into operation 18 months ago is the failure of the system to allow consumers to make online changes to information on their applications.

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Since October, about 20 Vermont schools have been competing in a first-of-its-kind project that combines high tech 3D printing and old fashioned local history.

This week, the teams of students gathered at Vermont Technical College in Randolph Center to show their work.

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A big white rectangle that covered the floor represented the state of Vermont. Marked on it were various towns, and on each town stood small buildings ranging from the size of a matchbox to a breadbox.

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Green Mountain Valley School graduate Drew Duffy and Burke Mountain Academy senior Nina O'Brien won top honors at the U.S. National Ski Championships in Maine this week. The Vermont teenagers upset older competitors, and they're aiming for more glory. 

Nina O’Brien’s big day started at the top of Sugarloaf’s Narrow Gauge trail Thursday, with a strong push from the gate, and it ended on the podium outside the base lodge.

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Mary Hoerig spends a lot of time talking about uncomfortable subjects.

“Who’s dying here?” she asks, pointing to a graph in front of a room full of law enforcement trainers from across the state. One says quietly  "black" - and Hoerig responds quickly, her point made: “Unarmed black men, potentially," she says.

Hoerig is an inspector with the Milwaukee Police Department, and she stood before about 20 Vermont law enforcement instructors Friday in a workshop teaching them how to train officers to avoid discriminatory policing.

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Governor Shumlin announced recently that the state will drop its health care exchange and move to the federal setup if the problems with Vermont Health Connect aren't fixed by the end of May. But he says he's confident that those benchmarks will be met.

Things got so heated at Plainfield’s Select Board meeting Monday night in a discussion about Goddard College’s planned biomass-fueled heat plant, that one elected official told board members they’d be in “deep water” if they disregarded some residents’ wishes to have another meeting on it.

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It wasn’t exactly a romantic event, but it was billed as a matchmaking opportunity, complete with a "speed dating" session.

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Politics often makes for strange bedfellows. But the Statehouse alliance behind the budget this year is unusually odd. House Republicans have joined with Democratic leadership to ensure passage of the $5.6 billion spending plan.

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The House has given its preliminary approval to a $33 million tax bill that's part of an overall plan to reduce the state's $110 million dollar budget gap.