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Consumer demand is driving farmers to grow and sell more produce, even as the days grow shorter and colder.

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A group of crows is called a murder and people seem to associate these corvids with death and darkness. But crows are very social creatures and at this time of year they often flock together by the thousands for warmth, safety, and, possibly, convivial conversation.

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An unassuming two-story house on the outskirts of downtown Burlington has become an unlikely refuge for heroin addicts. But a funding crisis means the doors are about to close, and advocates say addicts, and the community at large, will pay a steep price if people lose access to the clean needles and overdose-reversal kits handed out here daily. 

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There's an old adage that, "it takes money to make money." A group of policymakers and community stakeholders is finding out it sometimes costs money to save money, too.

That's only one of many conundrums facing a group of people trying to figure out what to do with Vermont Interactive Technologies after its funding runs out at the end of the year.

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Lt. Gov. Phil Scott says he has become more comfortable with the vetting of Syrian refugees after learning more from state and federal officials about the process.

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Here's what we know about public radio listeners: they are also avid readers. Monday on Vermont Edition, it's our Winter reading show!

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In the days since the Paris terrorist attacks, security and humanitarianism have been at odds in a debate over whether the U.S. should accept refugees from the Syrian civil war. 

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As leaders in more than 150 countries prepare to meet in Paris with an eye toward forming a landmark climate agreement, some students at both Vermont Law School and the University of Vermont are preparing to make contributions of their own to the international effort to address climate change.

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Federal regulators have accepted a plan of corrections from Brattleboro Memorial Hospital following an unannounced site visit from the Division of Licensing and Protection.

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The recent terrorist attacks in Paris and Mali have made foreign policy issues a top concern in the Democratic presidential race. A number of political observers believe that this development poses major challenges for Bernie Sanders' campaign.