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7:00 am
Mon September 1, 2014

Blue Bins Coming To Parades And Tractor Pulls

A truck unloads recycled material in E. Montpelier
AP/Toby Talbot

This year, for the first time in its 38-year history, there will be a full-on recycling effort at the popular Northfield Labor Day Weekend

It’s a voluntary effort on the part of event organizers, but next year recycling will be mandatory at this and other public events across the state.

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5:30 am
Mon September 1, 2014

Budget Cuts Threaten Some Mental Health Services For Teens

Micah Porter and Katie O'Day, with a program called Youth In Transition, seek out teens who may need help in the Upper Valley
Charlotte Albright vpr

Earlier this summer, the Shumlin administration announced that revenue projections have been too rosy and that budget cuts will now be needed.

That’s creating stress among social service providers.

One program that faces an uncertain future due to cuts endeavors to help at-risk young people in the Upper Valley. 

Micah Porter is nineteen, with a mop of curly red hair springing out of a baseball cap.

He’s wearing a black t-shirt advertising his favorite band, and he’s waiting for kids to arrive at “The Junction,” a teen center in White River Junction. 

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9:00 am
Sun August 31, 2014

A New Network For Investing In Vermont's Food Economy

Meat for sale from Meeting Place Pastures in Cornwall is chalked up at the Burlington Farmers Market in May. A new network called Slow Money Vermont is looking to give individual Vermonters another way to invest in the state's food economy.
Angela Evancie VPR/file

Purchasing a CSA isn't the only way for individuals to invest in Vermont's food economy. Or, it won't be, when Slow Money Vermont gets off the ground.

The new network, an offshoot of the national movement that aims to "bring money back down to earth," will connect local entrepreneurs with investors in an effort to contribute to the state's sustainable food economy.

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11:00 am
Sat August 30, 2014

Brattleboro Retreat Warned By Medicare

The Brattleboro Retreat must correct problems found in a recent Medicare inspection.
Susan Keese VPR

The Brattleboro Retreat has until September 2 to file plans for correcting problems found during a recent inspection. The hospital’s Medicare and Medicaid contracts could be terminated if it fails to comply.

The Retreat’s latest problems surfaced in an inspection that was prompted by an altercation on the hospital’s adolescent unit, which sent four employees to the hospital. Regulators say the Retreat followed proper protocol in that incident, but they found new problems that were deemed potential threats to

patient safety.

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6:03 pm
Fri August 29, 2014

Rep. Welch: Don't Launch Air Strikes Against ISIS Forces In Syria

Congressman Peter Welch says it would be a mistake for the United States to launch air strikes in Syria to weaken the Islamic State known as ISIS or ISIL.

The Obama Administration describes ISIS as a well-funded and well organized terrorist group that poses a threat to the security of the United States.

For the past few weeks, the Administration has conducted air strikes against ISIS in northern Iraq but these attacks stopped when ISIS forces move across the border into Syria.

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5:43 pm
Fri August 29, 2014

Vermont Health Connect Development Slowed By Contractor Switch, Open Enrollment

Vermont's head of health care reform, Lawrence Miller, said that to maintain stability, Vermont Health Connect won't add functionality this year.
Taylor Dobbs VPR

In the lead up to the state’s firing of contractor CGI as the developer of Vermont Health Connect, officials contracted a separate company to analyze the project’s development.

The 166-page report was handed over to state officials last night; it concludes that CGI wasn’t delivering on its promises, and the work it completed was often sub-par.

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5:31 pm
Fri August 29, 2014

Weston Finds Complexity And Humor In Chekhov's 'Uncle Vanya'

Actors Campbell Scott and Kathleen McElfresh review the updated script.
Tim Ford Weston Playhouse

The Russian writer Anton Chekhov wrote his plays in the late 1800s. But his characters are as richly layered and recognizably human as those in any modern drama. A new translation and adaptation of Chekhov’s 'Uncle Vanya' at the Weston Playhouse Theater brings the play even closer to contemporary life.

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Public Post
4:07 pm
Fri August 29, 2014

Pittsford Hoping To Knock $40K Off School Heating Bill

Last winter it cost $68,000 to heat Pittsford's Lothrop Elementary School. The school board has put together a plan that it thinks will reduce the school's annual heating bill by $40,000, but first school directors must find a way to pay for the project.

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The Frequency
2:05 pm
Fri August 29, 2014

West Nile Virus Likely Widespread In Vermont

Flickr user: jingleslenobel https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/

The Vermont Department of Health says mosquitoes captured in multiple towns across southern Vermont have tested positive for West Nile virus.

Mosquitoes in Rockingham, Brattleboro, Putney and Newbury have all tested positive for the virus.

In addition to the state's earlier finding that the virus was in St. Albans, officials warn that mosquitoes carrying West Nile are probably widespread in the state.

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Regional Report
12:39 pm
Fri August 29, 2014

Regional Report: Residents React To St. Albans Algae Blooms

A beach in St. Albans is closed to the public due to poor water quality.
Daria Bishop

Toxic algae blooms are a chronic issue for Lake Champlain.  But according to some, this year’s blooms are among the worst – and perhaps nowhere is it worse than in St. Albans Bay.

We often hear from state officials and environmental groups about the problem and how to address it, but the Vermonters who live nearest to these blooms and are most affected by them are also weighing in.

The St. Albans Messenger's Elodie Reed reported on the local response to the water quality problems on the bay.

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