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Many of New England's native plants are in serious trouble, according to a new report released today by the New England Wildflower Society.

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Orville Gibson went missing before dawn on the morning of New Years Eve in 1957. Three months later, his body was found in the Connecticut River, his legs and arms bound with rope.

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Governor Shumlin announced recently that the state will drop its health care exchange and move to the federal setup if the problems with Vermont Health Connect aren't fixed by the end of May. But he says he's confident that those benchmarks will be met.

So what is the likelihood of meeting those benchmarks? What happens to those Vermonters who have already enrolled in the Exchange? And why did some states get it right while Vermont struggled to make it work?

Chief of Health Care Reform Lawrence Miller answers those questions.  

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Gov. Peter Shumlin announced changes to his top staff this morning.

A release from the governor's office says Chief of Staff Liz Miller is leaving state government.

Miller will be replaced by deputy Public Service Commissioner Darren Springer, who worked for Senator Bernie Sanders before joining the state in 2013.

Miller has been in the administration since Shumlin took office in 2011.

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Lawmakers are working on a child protection bill that they hope will solve some of the problems that have been identified in the way Vermont investigates child abuse claims. Those concerns came to head in the last year after two children under state supervision were killed, allegedly by family members.

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Maple syrup producers use a lot of energy boiling sap. Efficiency Vermont, the statewide nonprofit funded by utility customers, hopes a new rebate program they’re launching will help smaller maple producers save energy and boost profits.

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Legislation that would ban teacher strikes in Vermont faces an uncertain future at the Statehouse.

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The Vermont Senate Wednesday gave overwhelming approval to a controversial bill that aims to keep guns out of the hands of violent felons and mentally unstable individuals. But Second Amendment activists will look to stall the legislation in the House.

Vermont’s Public Service Board is considering a $35,000 fine for Vermont Gas Systems because of the company’s handling of major cost overruns that have raised the estimated cost of the Addison County pipeline by about 80 percent over the past year.

In question is whether Vermont Gas Systems behaved responsibly in developing a new cost estimate last summer. The company knew about the increase as early as last March, but didn’t tell regulators about it until July.

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Attorney General Bill Sorrell has filed a lawsuit alleging that a candidate who used public money to run for lieutenant governor last year violated campaign financing laws.

Sorrell says Progressive Democrat Dean Corren illegally sought help from the Democratic party.