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Will Lambek of Migrant Justice says a traffic stop and subsequent detention of two migrant farmworkers is evidence the state needs to strengthen its fair and impartial policing policy.
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Traffic Stop Of Migrant Workers Raises Questions About Policing Policy

A Franklin County sheriff's officer called for the U.S. Border Patrol after he pulled over two Mexican farmworkers for a traffic violation last August.

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Brave Little State

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Vermont Hustle: What It's Like To Work 3 Jobs

There’s a joke about the employment scene in Vermont: “What do you call a Vermonter with two jobs? Lazy.”

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Courtesy: Oliver Parini

Live call-in discussion: High school sports remain popular with many students, families and fans in Vermont but as tastes and demographics have changed, so have athletic programs.  

Boston University and WBUR are suspending Tom Ashbrook, host of On Point.

The university and station released this statement at 5 p.m. Friday:

Yesterday, Boston University and WBUR received some allegations against Tom Ashbrook. Tom will be on leave from his duties at WBUR while an outside organization hired by Boston University examines these allegations. We will decide a course of action after getting the results of this investigation.

Chittenden Sen. Chris Pearson says Vermont can reduce carbon emissions and stimulate the economy by increasing the price of gas and home heating oil, and lowering electric rates.
Angela Evancie / VPR/file

Backers of the latest proposal for a carbon tax in Vermont say lawmakers can increase the price of gasoline and home heating oil without inflicting financial stress on residents and businesses.

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High School Sports Programs Adjust To Fewer Students And Changing Attitudes

Live call-in discussion: High school sports remain popular with many students, families and fans in Vermont but as tastes and demographics have changed, so have athletic programs.

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Pictured, one of the many dishes served at The von Trapp Brewing Bierhall that features Austrian sausages.
Jeb Wallace-Brodeur / Seven Days

VPR Cafe: A Storied Chef, Some Sausages And Austrian-Styled Suds

The von Trapp family has brought the Vermont hills alive again! This time, in the form of a brewery and bierhall. Playing a major role in that bierhall is Chef Jack Pickett.

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Pennies were first introduced in 1793, when the United States established our system of money.

Why Is Money So Important?

In this episode of But Why we visit a credit union to learn what money is all about and Slate Money hosts Felix Salmon, Anna Szymanski and Jordan Weissman answer questions about why money plays such a big role in modern society. How was money invented? Why can't everything be free? How do you earn money? Why don't kids go to work? How was the penny invented? Why are dimes so small?

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A statue of George Frideric Handel is pictured here at night in Halle, Germany.
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'Messiah' Watch 2017: Performances And Sing-Alongs Around Vermont

The season for George Frideric Handel's Messiah is upon us! Although it was actually first performed around Easter, in our time it has become a December holiday tradition. This year, VPR is again rounding up performances and sing-alongs of Handel's beloved oratio in our area.

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