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Lawsuit Alleges Farmworkers Targeted For Activism With Surveillance, Informant

Undocumented farmworkers in Vermont say they are being unlawfully targeted by federal immigration authorities for their activism on behalf of fellow migrants.

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A bar graph showing the number of reported hate crimes in Vermont by year. In 2017 there were 34 reported and in 2016 there were 25.
Data: FBI Hate Crime Statistics; Graph Screenshot: Liam Elder-Connors, via Infogram

Reported Hate Crimes Up Again In Vermont, According to FBI's 2017 Data

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New From Brave Little State

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Why Are There So Many African-Americans Incarcerated In Vermont?

Overall, Vermont has one of the lowest incarceration rates in the country — but one of the highest rates of African-American incarceration. So why is that?

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Monica Hutt, Vermont's commissioner of the Department of Disabilities, Aging and Independent Living, said receivership is getting several residential care homes back on track.
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This week, a fourth residential care home in northwestern Vermont was placed under the control of a state-appointed administrator. Harborview in South Burlington joins three other homes placed in so-called "receivership" earlier this month. That means a court has ordered an outside attorney take control of the homes. All four residential care facilities are owned by a Texas-based private equity firm.

Former state senator Norm McAllister, seen here outside a courthouse, was convicted in 2017 of prostituting a female tenant on his farm. The Vermont Supreme Court Friday ordered a retrial in the case.
Taylor Dobbs / VPR file

A former state senator convicted in 2017 of selling sex with a tenant on his Franklin County farm has been granted a retrial by the Vermont Supreme Court.

Some Vermonters are vocal in their opposition to certain big box retailers, while others celebrate when when certain shops come to town. We're looking at attitudes toward big box retail in Vermont.
nycshooter / iStock

Live call-in discussion: Vermonters have a complicated relationship with big-box retail stores. Some inspire vocal opposition, while others are accepted, or even celebrated. We're talking about why Vermonters are big-box averse, except when they're not.

The words They Are Us in yellow and red on a black background
Aaron Shrewsbury For VPR

A story about Vermont’s only permanent, supervised housing for people with serious mental illness.

Vermont Yankee Decommissioning Director Corey Daniels walks across the parking lot at the plant.

Vernon has a lot at stake in the proposed sale of the shuttered Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant.

When the plant was running, the town’s economic well-being — as well as its very identity — was tied up in VY. But now Vernon’s in the middle of a multi-year exercise to try to figure out how it can survive the closure and decommissioning of Vermont Yankee.

Anne Donahue mid-swing with a bat on a field
Anne Donahue, courtesy

How should people live long term in our state if they have a serious mental illness? The hope is that they’ll find ways to integrate into their communities with support, but that’s proven tough to accomplish. In this show we look at the challenges in our community mental health care system.

Congressman Peter Welch won re-election last week for his seventh term in the U.S. House.
Angela Evancie / VPR FILE

An azure wave did occur last Tuesday, when the Democrats took back control of the House in the midterm elections. Rep. Peter Welch will return to Washington in January as part of that Democratic majority. He joins us to discuss what that shift in power will mean.

Seven current and former students in Dartmouth's Psychological and Brain Sciences Department are suing the school over alleged mishandling of sexual assault and harassment reports, saying administrators ignored years of criminal behavior by tenured faculty members.

Read the full text of the suit here.

Voters gather at the polling place in Monkton on Tuesday morning.
Jane Lindholm / VPR

Peter Bevere, an independent candidate for Addison County state’s attorney, has officially called for a recount of last week’s election results.

Goddard College's new woodchip boiler brings wood chips up from the basement on a conveyer belt.
Emily Corwin / VPR

A new woodchip boiler plant at Goddard College in Plainfield is now in operation. The new system will carry hot water underground to 22 buildings across campus — replacing at least as many oil-burning boilers.


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Why Don't Spiders Get Stuck In Their Webs?

Why don't spiders stick to their own webs? How do spiders walk up walls and on ceilings without falling? Why do spiders have eight legs and eight eyes? How do they make webs? And silk? What's a cobweb? How do spiders eat? And why are daddy long legs called daddy long legs when they have to have a female to produce their babies?! We're talking spiders today with arachnologist Catherine Scott.

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