There was some potential good news for parents of young children in President Barack Obama's State of the Union address last week. The president focused on the importance of early education, and backed it up with a proposal to increase a child care tax credit up to $3,000.

Julie Coffey, the executive director of Building Bright Futures, a non-profit that serves as the state's early childhood advisory council, says it's a step toward improving Vermont's child care system.

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When it comes to winter sports in high school, New Hampshire athletes stand ​alone – in some high places.

It’s the only state in the nation where secondary school athletes compete in what may seem like a dangerous game: ski jumping. Before they join a school team, kids in the Upper Valley get plenty of practice in clubs. A recent competition brought ski jumpers from several neighboring communities to Storrs Hill, in Lebanon, New Hampshire.

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Middlebury's former Lazarus Department Store has been leveled and will become a pop-up pocket park. Three Vermont communities are semifinalists for Georgetown University's Energy Prize. Submissions are open for Montpelier's PoemCity and Randolph's PoemTown National Poetry Month projects, in April.

In the first statement since negotiations began under their auspices, the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service has acknowledged that talks between representatives of FairPoint Communications and two striking unions are continuing and that “progress is being made”.

A statement issued Friday evening by FMCS Acting Director Allison Beck on behalf of the negotiating parties offers little additional information.  

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The natural gas pipeline through Addison County received approval from the Public Service Board. But since then, the projected costs have risen twice and nearly doubled.

We talk with the new CEO of Vermont Gas, Don Rendall, and Maren Vasatka, an Addison County landowner who opposes the pipeline.

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An energy proposal from the Shumlin administration could become one of the biggest pocketbook issues of the 2015 legislative session as lawmakers look for a renewable energy policy that will stave off a significant rate increase.

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This past weekend, Sen. Patrick Leahy led a special congressional delegation to Cuba. It’s part of an effort to normalize relations between the two countries – relations that were severed in 1961 when Fidel Castro came to power.


Smoking is banned on Church Street in Burlington. It's a win for public health and many in Burlington who advocated for the ban, but (a minority of) city councilors and some Burlingtonians say it has some negative side effects.

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Proctor born singer and songwriter Caitlin Canty will perform on Saturday in West Rutland. Canty just finished her first tour of Europe and is coming home to celebrate the release of her latest album, Reckless Skyline.

Critics describe her music as a blend of country, blues, rock and folk.

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The unusual results in the November election have some lawmakers suggesting that Vermont should change its rules for electing the governor.  The Vermont Constitution specifies that the Legislature elects the governor when no candidate receives 50 percent of the electoral vote. On the next Vermont Edition, we look at two possible amendments that both aim to keep the decision in the hands of voters, not the Legislature.  Our guests are Senators Bill Doyle and Anthony Pollina.