Vermont historian Howard Coffin is a popular speaker on the subject of the Civil War.

Now Coffin is engaging Vermont students on the topic and he says they’re a ready audience.

“I love the basic questions I get from kids that I don’t often get from adults,” he says. "‘Who was the best general?’, ‘why did the north win?’ You can have so much fun with good questions like that. And there’s a lot of questions about slavery.”

So far, Coffin has spoken at schools in Concord, Hartford and Brighton, speaking to classes and assemblies and meeting with students and teachers.

Residents of the Shelburnewood Mobile Home Park have cooperatively purchased the park. School supervisory unions study consolidation. Stowe is named TripAdvisor's top fall foliage destination.

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Comcast's Certificate of Public Good expires at the end of 2016 and the Public Service Board will be starting hearings this month. Vermont’s public access television stations say they have a lot riding on Comcast cable company’s application to renew its certificate.

The company provides funding for 22 of the state's 26 public access stations and station directors say they want to start a conversation about how the company helps pay for public access.


On Friday afternoon the University of Vermont announced the most ambitious fundraising campaign in its 224-year history.  Over the next four years it hopes to raise $500 million. Private donations have already brought it halfway to that goal.

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By October 1st every year, colleges and universities around the country are required to report statistics about crime on their campuses, including sexual offenses. We're taking a look at those numbers, and talking about sexual assault at our local colleges - and how some of those schools are taking on the issue.

In the early-mid-19th century the British East India Trading Company maintained large poppy farms and opium factories in India to supply their growing market in China. When the Chinese defended themselves by seizing and destroying opium cargoes, the British Navy enforced what they called their "right to a free-market” – consigning a third of the Chinese population to addiction.

Lost In The Woods? Here's How To Stay Warm And Dry Overnight

Oct 2, 2015
Christopher Biddle

The weather has finally turned colder. The fall foliage makes it a great time to get into the woods after work for a nice late evening walk. But what would happen if you got lost and had to spend the night?

The Brennan Center for Justice issued a report recently on the security and reliability of voting machines used across the country. The report says that 43 states are using machines that are nearly at the end of their expected lifetime, including voting machines used in Vermont.

Vermont Edition spoke to Secretary of State Jim Condos, who oversees elections in Vermont, about how Vermonters cast their ballots.

Gregory Bull

Canadians will vote on Monday, October 19, for a new Parliament after a 78-day campaign season, which counts as among the longest in Canadian federal election history. We learn how else Canadian elections diverge from the U.S. system.

Mary Azarian / Vermont Crafts Council

Twice a year, members of the Vermont Crafts Council open their studios for visitors to come observe arts and crafts in the making. This weekend is the annual Fall Open Studio Weekend.