As of  Tuesday  afternoon, Vermont's largest city has a new top cop. Brandon del Pozo was sworn in as Burlington's police chief earlier today.

Del Pozo comes to the Queen City after more than 18 years with the New York Police Department, where he served as everything from a patrol cop, to an intelligence officer overseas, to a commander.

VPR sat down with del Pozo Tuesday just a few hours before he was sworn in.

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Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders says he's very disappointed that the Democratic Party has scheduled only four candidate debates before the Iowa caucuses are held on Feb. 1.

So the Sanders campaign is considering a plan to set up their own debates with some of the Republican candidates.

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Updated at 7:45 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 1 to include new comments from Bruce Lisman

Newly announced GOP candidate for governor Bruce Lisman says a Virginia-based opposition-research firm working on his behalf is responsible for records-requests filed in Vermont last month seeking information about Lt. Gov. Phil Scott.

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This week, Vermont was recognized by the USDA for the state's programs to support and promote breastfeeding. At the same time, the issue of a mother's decision to breastfeed - or not to - can lead to particularly charged conversations amongst parents. What is it about this aspect of parenting that can lead to such intense emotions and potential judgment?

The state of Vermont has won a round in its challenge to how Entergy Vermont Yankee plans to spend its decommissioning funds.

The state is concerned that the decommissioning timetable will be pushed back if Entergy is allowed to spend the money on other activities, such as managing its spent fuel at the Vernon site.  

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How's work? It's a question that when asked of a friend can open a massive can of worms. Sometimes they can't stop gushing about how great things are going and about the new promotion. Other times you'll hear a never-ending litany about a demonic boss or nonsensical company policies.

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Even as state and federal officials direct new money and staffing to water quality efforts across the state, the networks of pipes that bring water to and from Vermont homes and businesses are crumbling beneath their feet.

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Hiring an employee is an expensive proposition. Workers' compensation, social security and other expenses can run thousands of dollars a year, so it's no surprise that companies often try to reduce expenses keeping workers off the payroll, calling them independent contractors instead.

But sometimes they do so in violation of state law. And in a new report, State Auditor Doug Hoffer says the state isn't doing enough to stop a practice known as "misclassification."

The developers of a proposed wind power project in Swanton have formally notified 10 communities of plans to construct up to seven wind turbines.

In email announcement sent out Tuesday morning, Bruce Lisman said he's running for governor, as a Republican, "to lead the state in a new, better direction."