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This is going to be a critical week for the future of a major health care initiative in the House. It's unlikely that the House Ways and Means committee is going raise as much money as the Shumlin administration originally proposed, which means some elements of the governor's plan may have to be scaled back.

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The decades-old case of missing Middlebury College student Lynne Schulze is now grabbing national headlines.

Police in Middlebury recently announced that the case from 1971 has an “interesting” connection to millionaire murder suspect Robert Durst in that Shulze shopped at Durst's health food store on the day of her disappearance. 

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Spring may be a little late in coming to Vermont, but that hasn't slowed the pace of planning for West Windsor's July Fourth Committee.

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Stress, what is it good for? Well, it can be a motivator to launch us into action. But chronic stress can cause physical and psychological problems from heart disease to depression to even acne.

While being "stressed out" seems to be a catch phrase these days for anyone with any amount of pressure in their life, we hear from Evie Smith, an Employee and Family Assistance Program Counselor at UVM Medical Center, about the long-term effects and how you can lessen the amount of it in your life.

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A four-alarm fire in Fairlee has totally destroyed a  sawmill for a company that employs 50 people. At least 20 of those workers face an uncertain future.

The fire swept through Britton Lumber in Fairlee on Saturday night. Investigators are trying to determine the cause as owner Bob Moses surveys the rubble. He says the sawmill workers will be paid through this week.

“Yeah, they’re going to help if they can and if we don’t have work they can go home, because it’s very emotional for the sawmill employees, too,” Moses said.

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Vermont's counterculture of the 1970s marked a time a massive social change, and it continues to influence the state today.  It was decade when the state's population increased by 15 percent, and communes and agricultural experiments proliferated, along with political and social activism.

Middlebury breaks ground on new town offices. Green Up Vermont is added to the charitable giving portion of the Vermont state tax return. Montpelier, Randolph and St. Johnsbury have big plans for National Poetry Month in April.

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There are a few awkward talks that parents in America have with their kids: Don't do dangerous drugs. Be careful with alcohol. And of course, the Sex Talk.

Vermont's Agency of Agriculture will no longer run the Dairies of Distinction program, ending a decade's worth of participation. The Addison Independent broke that news last week. The program is run in four other states, and recognizes farms for their aesthetic value.

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It’s been almost four years since former Wall Street executive Bruce Lisman founded his public policy outfit, Campaign for Vermont. But only recently has he begun using his public platform to castigate the Shumlin administration directly. And his pointed criticism suggests Lisman might be setting the stage for what could be a wide-open race for governor in 2016.