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Mary-Ellen Lovinsky of East Hardwick.
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When Nitrate Threatens Well Water, The State's Response Is Inconsistent, Often Undocumented

Farm runoff isn't just polluting Vermont lakes and streams — nitrate from manure and fertilizer is also contaminating private drinking wells. And although the Vermont Agency of Agriculture, Food & Markets has regulatory authority, its response is inconsistent, and often undocumented.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders wants to significantly reduce the number of super delegates in the 2020 Democratic presidential contest
Charlie Neibergall / AP

One of Bernie Sanders biggest complaints during the 2016 Democratic presidential race was the influence of so-called superdelegates. Before the primaries even started, Hillary Clinton had more than 400 of these superdelegates backing her candidacy. Sanders says it's system that has to change.

The Vermont Department of Fish and Wildlife is holding a series of meetings around Vermont to update residents on the condition of the state's moose herd. The first meeting was held in Island Pond.
Toby Talbot / AP/File

Vermont’s moose population is in trouble and scientists fear climate change is to blame.

The New Hampshire Department of Justice is launching a new Civil Rights Unit to strengthen its enforcement of anti-discrimination law. The move is one of two equity and inclusion efforts announced by Gov. Chris Sununu on Thursday.

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"Vermont Edition" hears arguments for and against a carbon tax plan that will affect gasoline and heating oil prices.
Predrag Vuckovic / iStock

Drilling Into The New Carbon Tax Proposal

A carbon tax in Vermont has been floated before, but never gained much traction. But a new proposal - dubbed The ESSEX Plan - is going before lawmakers in 2018.

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Brave Little State

GeorgePeters /

Vermont Hustle: What It's Like To Work 3 Jobs

There’s a joke about the employment scene in Vermont: “What do you call a Vermonter with two jobs? Lazy.”

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If you must regift, be certain that the person will truly appreciate the item and the original giver won't be offended if this practice is uncovered.
Dmitrii Guzhanin / iStock

Awesome Etiquette: The Rules Of Regifting

Regifting can be very tempting but there are lots of negatives that go along with it. Friends and family spend money and put time into choosing a gift only to get hurt should they find out it's been passed on to someone else. Regifting is not paying forward and we advise against this practice; however, we do have some suggestions if you must regift.

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Pennies were first introduced in 1793, when the United States established our system of money.

Why Is Money So Important?

In this episode of But Why we visit a credit union to learn what money is all about and Slate Money hosts Felix Salmon, Anna Szymanski and Jordan Weissman answer questions about why money plays such a big role in modern society. How was money invented? Why can't everything be free? How do you earn money? Why don't kids go to work? How was the penny invented? Why are dimes so small?

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Explore the development of western music: Subcribe to Timeline

U.S. Public Domain

Timeline: Soundwaves

Picture yourself at the beach watching the waves rise and break over the sand. You can see the water gather and rise as each waves comes in. Once a wave breaks the water level drops again. You watch the peaks and valleys rolls onto the beach. These waves transfer huge amounts of energy from one place to another traveling through the water and displacing it. We call this a mechanical wave because it needs to travel through a medium, in this case water. The number of waves that crash during a specific period of time is called the frequency.

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A statue of George Frideric Handel is pictured here at night in Halle, Germany.
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'Messiah' Watch 2017: Performances And Sing-Alongs Around Vermont

The season for George Frideric Handel's Messiah is upon us! Although it was actually first performed around Easter, in our time it has become a December holiday tradition. This year, VPR is again rounding up performances and sing-alongs of Handel's beloved oratio in our area.

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