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First of all, Vermont native John Dewey did NOT invent the Dewey Decimal System. That was another guy. He was however, one of the most important thinkers in all of American history - changing the world with his far-reaching insights into philosophy, education, politics, psychology, art, and more.

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Vaudeville, that old-time brew of slapstick humor and outlandish stunts, is making quite a comeback in Vermont.

Vermont Vaudeville, a troupe based in Hardwick will be juggling, joking, singing and dancing this weekend in a restored theater beside the railroad tracks that used to host traveling vaudeville shows at the turn of the century.

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At a candidates forum in Manchester, New Hampshire on Monday, Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders highlighted many of the issues that he's expected to raise during the first Democratic debate Tuesday night in Las Vegas.


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Starting today, Vermonters can register to vote from the comfort of their own homes. Secretary of State Jim Condos says the new online voter registration system will improve access to democracy, and will also make elections less vulnerable to fraud.


Almost a year after its shutdown, the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant is still sparking debate over safety, spending and the disposal of nuclear waste.

Burlington Rep. Kesha Ram is running for lieutenant governor.

The 29-year-old Democrat has spent most of her adult life in the Vermont Legislature, and says she’s ready to use that experience to generate “a new sense of urgency to a lot of issues facing Vermonters.”

VPR Presents Al Gore

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Former Vice President Al Gore spoke at the University of Vermont's Ira Allen Chapel on October 6. He presented his talked "The Climate Crisis and the Case For Hope."

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The research and development of new drugs is a high-cost, high-stakes industry, and at its center are questions of scientific rigor and ethical standards.

We look at the biomedical ethics of how new drugs get developed for the marketplace. Our guest is Jonathan Kimmelman, associate professor of biomedical ethics at McGill University in Montreal.  Kimmelman says there are moral dimensions to drug development, and he studies the risk-benefit balance in the testing and regulating of new pharmaceuticals.

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It's been debated in towns all around Vermont: Should the municipal budget be voted from the floor of town meeting or in the ballot booth? In Charlotte, a proposed governance charter would require both.

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There are now three Democratic candidates for governor: Matt Dunne, Sue Minter and Shap Smith. Two Republican candidates, Lt. Governor Phil Scott and Bruce Lisman, are in the running as well.

Thus far there are no Progressive candidates in the race, calling to question whether or not the party will unofficially support a Democratic candidate.