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Christopher Louras won a fifth two-year term as Mayor of Rutland on Tuesday, defeating his main rival David Allaire by more than 500 votes. Political newcomer Kam Johnston who was also running for city assessor and the board of aldermen won 99 votes.

Audio from this story will be posted at approximately 11 a.m. on Wednesday, March. 4.

Louras’ rivals campaigned hard on the need for change. But voters in Rutland disagreed. Cathy Solsaa says she likes what Louras has accomplished since he took office in 2007, especially his efforts to fight crime and drugs.

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Voters in Norwich refused Tuesday to borrow $3 million to replace aging facilities for police, fire and public works employees. The failure of the bond question also seems to have spilled over to the select board race.

The town of Norwich has been wrangling for years about whether and how to upgrade its decrepit police and fire stations. But when asked to approve a multi-million dollar bond to replace the facilities, voters balked. They defeated it by about 60 votes out of approximately 1,000 cast.

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Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger won a major victory Tuesday over three challengers.

Weinberger said the margin of 3,525 votes, according to unofficial tallies, underlines Burlingtonians’ feeling that his administration is doing what’s best for the city.

‘Today, the engaged people of Burlington have sent the strong message that we are on the right path,” Weinberger said before an energetic crowd of supporters at Nectar’s after the results came in.

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There are few things in life that are guaranteed to make you smile. Puppies and butterflies are a couple. And then there are laughing babies!

But where do infants develop that ability to laugh or to identify what is funny? And how do they learn to make grown ups laugh?

Johnson State College Professor of Psychology Gina Mireault has been exploring an under-researched field within developmental psychology: baby humor. She shares her findings with us.

Live Blog: Vermont Town Meeting Day 2015

18 hours ago
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Town Meeting Day this year is without any major statewide ballot items, but municipal and school budgets are up for voter approval around Vermont.

Follow the votes on town and school budgets from around Vermont, and share results from your own town by tweeting with the hashtag #TMDVT or by emailing

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Another annual Town Meeting Day is upon us, but despite efforts to boost participation by holding meetings in the evening or on Saturday, attendance continues to decline.

Results: 2015 Town And School Budget Votes

19 hours ago
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VPR is tracking the 2015 Town Meeting Day votes on town and school budgets from around Vermont. Get statewide results here and share the results from your town with VPR News.

SHARE YOUR TOWN'S RESULTS: We will continue to update this list as results come in on Wednesday. If you have results from your town to add to this list Email or tweet @vprnet.

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This week marks the 47th year that Washington County Sen. Bill Doyle has distributed his annual Town Meeting Day survey. This year's survey includes questions about taxes, the environment and the legalization of marijuana.

House lawmakers have spent much of the 2015 legislative session looking for ways to curb the growth of property taxes. Their new plan to impose spending caps on school budgets might help accomplish that goal. But it has also earned legislators some new and powerful enemies.

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People want to believe that where they live is the best place on earth. But do Vermonters have more reasons than most to believe that their state is exceptional? On this Town Meeting Day, we listen back to an archive of Vermont Edition that takes aim at the myth and reality of Vermont exceptionalism.