Wayne Laroche / AP/Vermont Fish and Wildlife

The Vermont Department of Fish & Wildlife spent three years taking input on proposed changes to deer hunting rules, and the process has finally yielded changes that will go into effect in 2016. A ban on natural urine lures and expanded opportunities for hunting with crossbows are among the new regulations hunters will get used to.

Desmond Boyland / AP

Sen. Patrick Leahy has returned from a recent trip to Cuba and says he's even more convinced that Congress should restore full diplomatic relations with the island nation as soon as possible.

Leahy says the change is needed because he says U.S. policies over the past 50 years have failed.

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Mike Groll / AP

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo was just one of the many to tweet about the relief felt last night after a state trooper finally captured David Sweat, one of two convicted killers who escaped from a maximum-security prison upstate more than three weeks ago.

David Goldman / AP

The shooting deaths of nine worshippers in a South Carolina church have spurred calls for tighter restrictions on gun ownership nationwide. But in Vermont, supporters of universal background checks say they won’t mount a concerted legislative push for the measure when lawmakers return to the Statehouse in 2016.

Town of Monkton

The Monkton Planning Commission is creating a map of geological resources in town and it's asking property owners to contribute by letting them know about their wells. They're hoping to gather as much information as possible before the end of this week and they're offering prizes to help get the job done.

Kathleen Masterson / VPR

So far this June is one of the wettest on record in Vermont. With over 7 inches of rainfall, it’s the fourth wettest June in Burlington since 1884.

For many farmers, waterlogged fields have prevented them from harvesting hay; and the standing water stunts the growth of corn and other grains.  

Charlotte Albright / VPR

As many outdoorsy Vermonters are discovering, ticks are in plentiful supply this summer. Bad news for humans at risk for Lyme disease. But the bumper crop is providing ample specimens to study and, amazingly, to dissect with some really tiny scalpels.

Mike Groll / AP

Authorities say the inmate who was shot and captured after three weeks on the run was not armed when he was taken into custody.

Lake Champlain Maritime Museum / www.lcmm.org

A festival this weekend celebrates the heritage of some of New England's native peoples. The Abenaki Heritage Weekend is held at the Lake Champlain Maritime Museum in Vergennes.

Melody Bodette / VPR

Vermont strawberry growers say despite the rainy weather in the month of June, it's been a good year for the crop.