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Equity Crowdfunding Gets A Boost In Vermont

There’s a new effort underway to boost opportunities to put small start-up businesses together with Vermont investors. The hope is to encourage a type of investing known as equity crowdfunding.
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The University of Vermont Vaccine Testing Center has been selected to help test a potential vaccine that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) is developing against the Zika virus.

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Sen. Bernie Sanders raised an eye-popping $7.4 million since polls in New Hampshire closed Tuesday evening, according to his campaign website.

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After a week of behind the scenes wrangling, the Senate gave its final approval to the paid sick leave bill Wednesday.

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With winter tourism suffering due to a lack of snow, you might think fewer people would be flying into Vermont. But officials at many regional airports say business is up.

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Valentine's Day celebrates love, but it also puts a lot of focus on those who are not in a relationship.

What seems to be lacking for many people is information on how to succeed in a relationship and how to make it last.

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Iowa's Caucuses were a cliffhanger that ended nearly in a tie for the Democratic presidential candidates. But not so with New Hampshire.

After Sen. Bernie Sanders won the nation's first presidential democratic primary in New Hampshire last night, the campaign played "Disco Inferno" for the delirious crowd of folks who were "feeling the Bern."

Sanders now hopes the big win over Hillary Clinton will lead to an eventual nomination to become the Democratic party's candidate for president in 2016. 

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The Concord High School gymnasium is generally the home of the Crimson Tide. The maroon banners hanging from the white cinder block walls here pay tribute to past sporting glories.

But on Tuesday night the house belonged to Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator trounced his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton in the nation’s first presidential primary.

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The first primary of the 2016 election season takes place Tuesday in the Granite state. With the exception of a few small towns such as Dixville Notch and Hart's Location, and larger cities such as like Manchester and Nashua, most polling centers in the state close between 7 p.m. and 8 p.m. Tuesday. Here's how you can track the results this evening.

Attorney General Bill Sorrell has closed a closed a criminal investigation into allegations that environmental activist Annette Smith has practiced law without a license.


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When It Comes To The Zika Virus, Vermonters Should Travel Cautiously

As more countries report cases, concern over the Zika virus has been growing. The primary worry is the effect the virus has on the fetuses of pregnant women who are bitten by mosquitoes that carry the virus. What does all this mean for Vermonters?
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Timeline: The Rise of Romanticism

The last decade of the 18th century was a time of incredible change in the western world. The technological advances of the industrial revolution, the wars and upheaval of the enlightenment and the rise of scientific rationalization had eroded old certainties within the collective consciousness. In other words, when you question or change all of the old rules of society, technology, politics and religion what are you left with? You’re left with yourself – at least that’s answer the Romantics gave.
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Dorothy's List

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Dorothy's List: 'El Deafo'

The early life story of author and illustrator Cece Bell unfolds across the pages of El Deafo in comic book style panels. We first meet Cece as an energetic preschooler who loves to wear her poka-dotted bathing suit everywhere. Then we watch her get sick and lose her hearing as speech bubbles fade to blank.
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State Of Recovery Series

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Narcan Saves Lives, But With Some Unintended Consequences

Naloxone, or Narcan, is a prescription drug designed to reverse respiratory depression caused by opioid overdose. The drug has become widely accessible in Vermont, with various police agencies and first responders gaining access to the drug.
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