Community Forum

Apply To Be A Member Of The Community Forum

The application process for convening the Community Forum VI (2016-2018) has closed. Please consider applying for the group that will be formed in 2018 and tell your friends who may be interested.

Community Forum meetings for the 2016-2017 will be held:

April 4, 2016 at Elley Long Music Center in Colchester, VT
October 4, 2016 Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee VT
April 4, 2017 at VPR Headquarters in Colchester, VT
October 3, 2017 VPR Headquarters in Colchester, VT

About The Community Forum

The VPR Community Forum is a volunteer group that provides community input to VPR about programming and public service. The members of the Community Forum represent different professions, geographic regions, and individual needs and interests of the listeners and the communities VPR serves.

The VPR Community Forum is an advisory body, which is not involved in VPR's daily management or operations. Meeting biannually in half-day sessions, the Community Forum members learn about public radio, meet VPR staff members, and have regular communication with the station about programs and public service. Members also serve as ambassadors to their communities.

The Community Forum is governed by a steering committee, responsible for basic organizational matters. The steering committee comprises two members of VPR's Board of Directors, two members of VPR's Community Forum and one member of station management.

The following people comprise the 2016-2017 Community Forum:

Lily Fedorko, Burlington
Lorrie Byrom, Pittsford
Trent Bonsall, Montreal, QC
Betsy Morgan, Florence
Earl Runner, Mt Holly
Caroline Schneider, Killington
Linda Gabrielson, Cabot
David Gold, Hinesburg
Sam Graulty, Richmond
Ryan Leamy, Craftsbury
Leda Schubert, Plainfield
Alison (Al) Davis, Brattleboro
Kara Hamilton, Brattleboro
Jerry Carbone, Brattleboro
Bobbie Surott Kimberly, Randolph Center
Ted Molnar , Castleton
Dianna Noyes, Marlboro
Sandy Yusen, Waterbury
Katie Flanagan Mobley, Burlington
Barbara Macarthur, Williston
Alicia Fligg, St. Albans
Carlie Krolick, Charlotte
Jane Stromberg, Burlington
Linda Bowden, Burlington
Rebecca Heintz, Worcester
Dee Barbic, Hinesburg
Albert Dickerson, Huntington
Susan Hertzberg, Montreal, QC
Brian Strachan, Burlington
Beth Halpern, West Pawlet
Michael Frank, Waterbury Center
Dennis McMahon, Burlington
Patrick Brown, Burlington
Susan Boston, Woodstock
Charlotte Gerstein, Rutland

The 2016-2017 Community Forum Steering Committee is comprised of:

John Van Hoesen, Chief Content Officer and Senior Vice President
Marsha Fonteyn, Board Member
Charlie Browne, Board Member
Shannon Dufour-Martinez, Member of 2014-2015 Community Forum
Aron Temkin, Member of 2014-2015 Community Forum

You may email VPR about the Community Forum by clicking Community Forum, or call VPR at (800) 639-2192.