HD Radio

VPR, VPR Classical, and the BBC - all via HD Digital Radio

We're pleased that VPR listeners can now hear multiple services on our HD digital stations. VPR Classical is now available statewide on digital channel 2 on every one of the VPR frequencies via an HD digital radio receiver. You will need to purchase an HD digital receiver and tune it to one of VPR's existing FM frequencies.

What is HD Radio?

Digital radio - HD Radioâ„¢ - is a new technology that enables Vermont Public Radio to broadcast programs digitally, alongside our existing analog broadcasts.

Where can I purchase an HD Receiver and how much do they cost?

The best way to learn more about HD Radio is to try it out in the store. Many audio or electronic stores are offering an HD desktop or component radio.

I just want to hear VPR Classical - do I need an HD radio?

VPR Classical, our 24-hour classical music service, is on a number of analog (traditional) FM stations across Vermont. Click here for a list of those frequencies. And it's also available as the second HD channel on every one of VPR's existing FM stations.

Do I have to own an HD radio to hear my VPR station?

All of VPR's stations will continue to broadcast as we do now, in analog, on the same dial positions. That won't change. Our HD Radio services are in addition to our analog signals, which are not affected by HD digital radio.

For more information on HD radio, contact us.