Inside VPR

Listener-supported Vermont Public Radio has been serving the people of Vermont and the surrounding region since 1977. As Vermont's only statewide public radio network, VPR provides an essential and trusted independent voice for news, information, music and cultural exploration for the people of our region.

We strive to be your trusted source - and that includes being transparent about ourselves. We think we've included everything you want to know about VPR in this section. If you have additional questions about VPR, you are welcome to contact us any time.

Essential Facts

Download our infographic of essential facts here (updated May 2015).

Mission, Strategic Plan, and Policies

VPR provides an essential and trusted independent voice for news, information, music and cultural exploration for the people of our region.

Learn more about our mission, vision, values and policies that guide Vermont Public Radio here:

VPR's Mission Statement
VPR's Strategic Plan
VPR's Policies and Practices


Find out what your favorite host looks like and meet the people making radio magic behind the scenes. Click here to learn more about the People at Vermont Public Radio. Check out our careers page and consider a job or internship at VPR.


In 1975, four Vermonters gathered to create a public radio station for Vermont. Learn more about Vermont Public Radio's 30+ years of making radio that matters.


Vermont Public Radio's Colchester studio is our hub. We also have studios in Montpelier, Saint Johnsbury, Norwich, Brattleboro, and Manchester. VPR also provides a full line of production services for hire. Learn more.

Board Of Directors

The Vermont Public Radio Board of Directors is the entity which is legally responsible for the governance of VPR as a nonprofit corporation. Learn more about VPR's Board of Directors.

Financial Information And EEO Reports

Here's where to find expense and revenue information and Vermont Public Radio's EEO reports.

CPB Reports

The Corporation For Public Broadcasting requires publication of a station activity survey. This survey details local content and services provided by the station. Read VPR's CPB Station Activity Survey for FY2016.

CPB also requires the publication of the station's Annual Financial Report which you can see here. If you are looking for VPR's Audited Financial Statements, you can find that report here.

Press Room

Browse our latest press releases here, as well as our press release archive.


While listener feedback is always the most important measure of success, it is nice when our programming is recognized with awards and commendations. Here are some of the highlights, with corresponding links to the award-winning work.


You can get here from there. Click here for directions to Vermont Public Radio.


Interested in working at VPR? Check out our Careers page for a list of open positions and internships.