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Listen to any of the VPR's streams, including live streams of the Vermont House and Senate, using the audio player above. Just click the down arrow on the gray audio player and select the stream you want to listen to.  Your selection will travel with you as you browse anywhere on

To open up an audio player in a separate window, use this VPR Audio Player.

To listen in iTunes, Windows Media or other streaming MP3 players, use the links below. Listen to VPR News in Apple Music and AppleTV.

To connect directly to the streams (e.g. with certain Apps or Wireless Radios), use the MP3 URLs.

More: What does 64k mean? What are MP3, AAC and Flash?

iTunes and Windows Media/PC Playlists

  iTunes (.pls)   Windows Media (.asx)
VPR 96k | 64k | 24k | 64k AAC+ 96k | 64k | 24k
VPR Classical 128k | 64k | 24k | 64k AAC+ 128k | 64k | 24k
VPR Jazz24 64k | 24k 64k | 24k
VPR Replay 64k | 24k 64k | 24k
BBC World Service 24k 24k
Vermont House* 24k 24k
Vermont Senate* 24k 24k

Above streams are MP3 unless noted as AAC+

Bandwidth Options - What Does 64k Mean?

VPR offers our live streams in several different bit rates. Generally speaking, streams with higher bit rates produce better sound than streams with lower rates. This bit rate is measured in kilobits per second (kbps), abbreviated to "k." While higher bit rate streams sound better, they also require higher bandwidth internet connections.

Listeners with high-speed internet on a T1 network or cable broadband can usually listen to the higher bit rate streams, such as 64k, 96k and 128k. Listeners on DSL and satellite should start with the 64k stream options. If you have a dial-up connection you may be limited to the 24k streams.

Please note that bandwidth varies for each user and network and can vary depending on time and conditions. Try streams of different bit rates to find the best listening experience for your device and connection. If you experience poor performance with a stream that is usually reliable, try the lower option temporarily. If you have questions, contact us.

What Are MP3, AAC and Flash?

MP3 is the most common encoding for digital audio and is supported across the greatest number of browsers and devices. AAC+ is audio coding that delivers higher quality audio at lower bandwidth. Flash is a common internet software platform that we use to deliver the AAC+ streams on devices that don't natively support that format. AAC+ currently works in Safari and Chrome but not all other browsers, while Flash plays in most desktop browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) but not all mobile devices. But if you can listen to AAC or Flash - via the VPR Audio Player, your browser, or some other player - you may notice a richer sound at lower bit rates, especially with music.

Live Stream URLs

Use these web addresses to connect to the live streams directly whenever your app or device requires the MP3, e.g. in an Internet Radio or mobile app.

MP3 96k:
MP3 64k:
MP3 24k:
AAC 64k:

VPR Classical
MP3 128k:
MP3 64k:
MP3 24k:
AAC 64k:

VPR Jazz24
MP3 64k:
MP3 24k:
AAC 64k:

VPR Replay: My Place and All The Traditions
MP3 64k:
MP3 24k:
AAC 64k:

BBC MP3 24k:

Vermont Legislature
Vermont House MP3 24k:
Vermont Senate MP3 24k:

*The House and Senate streams from the Vermont Legislature are active only when they are in session and have the chamber microphone turned on. Visit the Vermont Legislature page for more.

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