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Annie was an Assistant Producer for Vermont Edition summer 2013.

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Fresh snow this week has a lot people itching to ski. And for people seeking an added challenge, there’s backcountry skiing.

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In Vermont, winter is never far from our minds, so on this week's installment of Vermont Edition Summer School we'll step a little outside of the season and learn something more suited to the snowy months: how to wax cross country skis.

While some cross country skiers opt for wax-less skis, but for those who don't, knowing how to properly wax and prepare skis for the season is an essential skill. To learn, we spoke with Kyle Darling of Skirack in Burlington, a former college skier who runs waxing clinics at the store.

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This year, August 7 is the final day of Ramadan for more than one billion Muslims around Vermont and the world. Ramadan is the ninth lunar month of the Islamic calendar, and Muslims mark this special time with a month of prayer, charity, and daily dawn-to-dusk fasting.

Refraining from eating, drinking, smoking, and other habits from sunrise to sunset, Muslims break this fast each evening with a meal called Iftar. Iftar is traditionally a communal meal, where Muslims gather with friends and family to break their daily fast.        

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Monarch butterflies have been scarce in Vermont this summer due to larger forces that have caused a 90 percent drop in the population.

Monarchs winter in central Mexico, and then migrate north all summer as generations of butterflies reproduce throughout the season. But biologists noticed a steep decline in the butterflies in their winter habitat, and the numbers have not rebounded over the summer.

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What is the health care exchange?

Vermont Health Connect - Vermont's health insurance exchange - is a web-based marketplace where Vermonters can go to get health care coverage, whether that is public or private. This can be compared to sites like Travelocity, where people can enter information about what they are looking for and then compare an array of options available for purchase.

The leader of the Vermont National Guard says budget cuts caused by the federal sequester are having both short-term and long-term impacts on the Guard here.

Major General Steven Cray, the adjutant General of the Vermont National Guard,  says the immediate concern is the 500 military technicians in Vermont who’ve been forced to take furloughs this summer, amounting to a 20 percent cut in each paycheck.  “The longer it goes on, the harder it’s going to be for our members," Cray says. "Some of them are going to start looking for other ways to supplement that 20 percent pay cut.”  

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Tue 07/09/13 Noon and 7PM   We hear murmurs that the market is rebounding nationally, but what does that mean in Vermont, where the lows aren't as low and the highs aren't as high?

Tell us what you’ve noticed this summer -- whether you're trying to buy, trying to sell, or just checking out the prices in your neighborhood. Write to

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Montreal Mayor Michael Applebaum resigned his office Tuesday amid allegations of corruption, saying he would focus on defending himself. Applebaum had been arrested early Monday morning at his home and was charged with 14 counts of corruption, which he says are unfounded.

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This weekend, volunteers in Burlington added bilingual signs to 700 parking meters in the city.

The project is a result of a resolution of “French friendliness” passed by the Burlington city council in recent months designed to make French-Canadian tourist feel more welcome.

Burlington city councilor Norm Blais says that the plan is a continuation of an effort that began at the Burlington airport to increase bilingual signage.