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Annie Russell is VPR's weekend producer/reporter. She has interned for NPR at Weekends on All Things Considered and for WNYC at On The Media.  She is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School.

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Middlebury Police / AP File

The decades-old case of missing Middlebury College student Lynne Schulze is now grabbing national headlines.

Police in Middlebury recently announced that the case from 1971 has an “interesting” connection to millionaire murder suspect Robert Durst in that Shulze shopped at Durst's health food store on the day of her disappearance. 

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There are a few awkward talks that parents in America have with their kids: Don't do dangerous drugs. Be careful with alcohol. And of course, the Sex Talk.

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Many of New England's native plants are in serious trouble, according to a new report released today by the New England Wildflower Society.

Many have had to sit through diversity training when starting a new job or participating in school orientation. Tonight, students at Lyndon State College will be treated to a unique diversity program.

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The state of Vermont faces unique challenges when it comes to homelessness, and one Addison county shelter is trying to make a real difference.

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This year's long winter was especially tough for those who don't have somewhere warm to call their own. Vermont's mix of cities, towns and rural areas posed unique problems for the homeless here, and for the people trying to help them. 

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Vermonters who have unpaid traffic tickets may be in luck. This Friday only, the state will grant partial amnesty for people who've lost their driver's licenses due to unpaid traffic fines.

Oliver Parini for VPR

On Town Meeting Day, Burlington voters rejected a ballot item to give non-U.S.citizens the right to vote in local elections. But advocates hope to re-introduce the issue next year.

The idea of noncitizen voting in Burlington has been bubbling since the early 2000s, but failed to garner enough support from city officials.

But this year, despite support from Mayor Miro Weinberger and a majority of city councilors, the measure failed approximately 58 percent to 42 percent at the polls.

Toby Talbot / AP

Vermont's 72nd governor, F. Ray Keyser, has died.

Republican F. Ray Keyser, Jr. was a native Vermonter, born in Chelsea. In 1961 he became the youngest person ever elected governor at age 34.  

UVM's tuition rates are among the highest of all public schools in the nation. The state's low funding for higher education is to blame for much of the in-state tuition cost, but out-of-state students are paying huge bills because of a 1959 law that forces the school to charge them lots more.