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Annie Russell is VPR's All Things Considered producer/reporter. She came to VPR from NPR's Weekends on All Things Considered and  WNYC's  On The Media.  She is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School.

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Earlier this week that the city of Rutland will take in 100 Syrian refugees starting in October. Rutland Mayor Christopher Louras says he’s been working closely with state and federal refugee agencies to create Vermont’s first relocation community for Syrians.

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Another Tuesday, another spate of presidential primaries. This time, voters in five northeastern states are casting ballots but far-and-away the biggest prize is Pennsylvania.

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After his loss Tuesday night, Sen. Bernie Sanders flew back to Burlington. 

“Today we took Secretary Clinton on in her own state of New York and we lost," Sanders told reporters at the Burlington Airport. "I congratulate Secretary Clinton on her victory.”

The Brattleboro Reformer, the Bennington Banner and several other Vermont newspapers are getting a new owner.

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Southern Vermont has been dealing with water contamination from the chemical PFOA, but it's becoming clear the issue is more widespread. The suspected carcinogen has not only been found in drinking water in Pownal and Bennington, but also in New York and New Hampshire.

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This month marks 27 years since the start of pro-democracy protests in China that culminated in the Tiananmen Square massacre in June 1989. To this day, the Chinese government tries to suppress what really happened during the protests.

But that hasn't stopped Fang Zheng from telling his story.

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New York's primary Tuesday could be a make or break state for Sen. Bernie Sanders' presidential campaign. The website FiveThirtyEight puts Hillary Clinton's chances of winning New York at 98 percent, but in rural upstate New York districts, many voters are "feeling the Bern."

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Some parents are up in arms over proposed job cuts in the Burlington School District. The money-saving measure could result in 24 layoffs or the equivalent of 16 full-time positions.

Burlington High School would be hardest hit, with about eight positions being cut including ones from core teaching subjects like math, language arts and science.

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At the start of Sen. Bernie Sanders' Democratic presidential campaign, there was lots of talk in the media about his appearance. Reporters liked to talk about his "rumpled" suits and "disheveled" hair.

But Sanders' look has gotten more polished as the campaign has progressed.

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Whether you know it or not, there's a good chance you've admired the work of John White. He's a Pulitzer Prize-winning photo-journalist who's captured iconic images of Nelson Mandela and Muhammad Ali, just to name a few.

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The shooting death of an elderly man in Burlington Monday night is raising questions about how police deal with people with mental illness. A Burlington cop shot 76-year-old Ralph Grenon, who was holed up in his downtown apartment.

A state police account says he was shot after behaving violently toward officers. But before the situation escalated, a crisis worker with Burlington's Street Outreach Team was called to the scene to try to calm things down. 

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Vermont State Police are now investigating an incident Monday night where Burlington police shot and killed a elderly man who they say lunged at officers with knives.

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If you've ever bought a ticket to a concert or an event online, chances are you've used a ticketing website and paid a fee. Now, Seven Days is getting into the ticketing business to provide a local alternative.

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People in North Bennington are set to get an update Wednesday night on the widening water contamination problem in their village. 

State test results came out Tuesday afternoon showing that 52 out of 67 private wells contained unsafe levels of a chemical known as PFOA. Results from the approximately 183 different water supplies tested will continue to come in over the course of the next week. 

Maybe you didn't know it, but today is Crossover Day in Vermont. No, it doesn't have anything to do with springing your clocks forward this weekend.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions in the sexual assault case against Franklin Sen. Norm McAllister. But the case has had some Vermont journalists asking themselves a question: "Will I become part of the story?"

On Tuesday afternoon, Colchester police were still searching for a suspect charged with shooting another man Monday morning.

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You might take for granted that you can switch on your radio or pop in your ear buds on a Thursday afternoon and catch up on the news from independent radio, free of government control. But for citizens of the southeastern African nation of Zimbabwe, that is not the case.

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Yesterday, Vermont state officials announced they had discovered a potentially cancer-causing chemical in some private water wells in North Bennington. The governor's office says test results revealed abnormally high levels of a chemical called PFOA in three residential wells there. It says the public drinking supply is not contaminated.

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Fans of comedy in Vermont now have a dedicated space to get their laugh on. Vermont Comedy Club opened its downtown Burlington doors late last year to a sold-out weekend and has been booking national comedy talent ever since.