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Annie Russell is VPR's Deputy News Director. She came to VPR from NPR's Weekends on All Things Considered and WNYC's On The Media. She is a graduate of Columbia Journalism School.

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VPR reporters and producers are currently in Iowa in advance of the state caucuses. The team will be reporting from the Hawkeye State, talking with voters and volunteers.

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Naloxone, or Narcan, is a prescription drug designed to reverse respiratory depression caused by opioid overdose.

The drug has become widely accessible in Vermont, with various police agencies and first responders gaining access to the drug.

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Local police officers and other government agencies got a crash course in social media last week. Burlington Police Chief Brandon del Pozo organized two training sessions at the University of Vermont and the Burlington Police department last Thursday. 

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The resettling of Syrian refugees in the U.S. has become a national debate: While many governors have tried to block Syrians from entering their states, Gov. Peter Shumlin has pledged to continue to accept Syrian refugees.

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There's a lot of enthusiasm for Bernie Sanders' Democratic presidential campaign among younger voters.


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A group dedicated to ending hunger and malnutrition among Vermonters has been the target of embezzlement. 

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On Thursday, some 34,000 teachers at French language schools in Quebec could vote to authorize a strike that would affect nearly 275,000 school kids in the province.

It follows months of labor unrest and tense contract talks with the government, including a one-day strike about a month ago.

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Shari Galiardi and Dave Hutchison live in a truly tiny house: a refurbished 1957 chrome trailer, not much bigger than a mid-sized car.

The couple is part of the so-called "Tiny House" movement, which focuses on living greener, clutter-free lives.

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After a series of six terror attacks in France over the weekend, many Parisians are in a state of shock over the violence in the capital.

Montpelier native Bill Durkee has been living in Paris for nearly three decades. Durkee recounted his experiences during the attacks to VPR's Alex Keefe Saturday evening.

On first hearing the reports Friday evening:

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Late last month in Quebec, shocking allegations of police abuse against indigenous people came to light.

Twelve First Nations people from the area, mostly women, say they were sexually assaulted by police or given money or drugs in exchange for sex acts.

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Earlier this week, we talked to Dr. Jon Erickson, a professor at the University of Vermont's Gund Institute for Ecological Economics about what he thinks a carbon tax would do for the state of Vermont. 

Erickson said a tax on carbon would complement Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan and existing greenhouse gas targets.


To tax, or not to tax? Carbon, that is.

It is a big issue for Vermont lawmakers who are trying to find ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The political prospects of a carbon tax making it through the Vermont Legislature are still far from certain.

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Last week, two Burlington residents found what appears to be a recruitment poster for the Ku Klux Klan at their homes.

On Saturday, a group called Rights and Democracy held a press conference where Burlington officials, the Burlington police and a woman who received the flyer spoke to the public about the incidents.

Screen shot from Cardinal Points' website.


A cartoon published in a student paper at SUNY Plattsburgh is drawing national attention and sparking debate around issues of racism in the Plattsburgh community.

The cartoon, which many have said is racist, appeared in Cardinal Points, a student newspaper. Cardinal Points is not directly under the jurisdiction of SUNY Plattsburgh, but does have a faculty advisor. 

Last week, Burlington police said a woman had been sexually assaulted on Oct. 16 in a bathroom of the Edward J. Costello Courthouse.

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Burlington authorities say a woman was raped in the bathroom of the Edward J. Costello Courthouse last week. The state Attorney General's office says a warrant was issued yesterday for 32-year-old Robert Rosario of Burlington, who's still at large. 

The school board in South Burlington has voted to keep a controversial nickname for its students - the Rebels.

South Burlington High School’s mascot was fashioned as a Confederate soldier back when the high school opened in 1961, in reference to the city’s decision to secede from Burlington years earlier.

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Bernie Sanders' presidential run has inspired countless profiles, send-ups and songs about the Vermont senator. This past weekend, the Democratic candidate was lampooned on Saturday Night Live. There’s Bernie Sanders tote bags and Bernie Sanders bar soap.

Now there's even a comic book biography of the senator and presidential hopeful.

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You might have thought lead poisoning was largely a thing of the past but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children in at least 4 million American households are still being exposed to high levels of lead.

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Vermont's Hindu community came together this past weekend to celebrate one of the biggest annual holidays in the Hindu religion. Now, the group is longing for a spiritual home of its own.