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Bill Schubart lives and writes in Hinesburg. His latest book is Lila & Theron.

Vermont and America have always been inspired and governed by a political spectrum spanning conservative and liberal values. Party names have changed - Whigs, Bull Moose, Tea Party - and who'd recognize Lincoln's Republican Party today? Power shifts and labels change but the dynamic tension between conservative and liberal philosophies persists and that continuum is good for the nation. Nations and communities are all in a perpetual process of becoming and political work is never done - either at the leadership level or at the citizenship level.

Schubart: EB-5

Mar 26, 2013

Schubart: Orthodoxy

Mar 11, 2013

(Host) Retired businessman, former VPR chair and commentator Bill Schubart has volunteered since the age of 26 in the non-profitsector. In this commentary, he imagines the collaborative opportunities open to 26 Vermont's colleges and universities in America's shrinking student marketplace.

(Schubart) Competition works pretty well in the business sector if it's fair and business plays by the rules. Competition in the non-profit arena is a problem, as it puts enterprise value over mission.

(Host) Commentator Bill Schubart offers a brief and satiric summary of the history of mankind on earth to perhaps better explain how we've become the arrogant species he believes us to be.

(Schubart) Sometimes I worry that we're at risk of succumbing to our own arrogance as a species. A quick history ...

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Schubart: Work

Nov 19, 2012