Bram Kleppner


Bram Kleppner is CEO of Danforth Pewter, Board Chair at the Population Media Center, and Co-Chair of Vermont's Medicaid & Exchange Advisory Board. His mission is to take steps large and small to fight global warming and to bring the world's population into balance with its renewable resources.

Kleppner: Ill Winds

Nov 28, 2016

About 30% of Vermont voters chose Donald Trump, and the other 70% are working their way through various levels of disappointment, shock, horror and depression.

Summer is supposed to be a relaxed time of cookouts and softball games, but these days, it feels as if life doesn’t slow down even one little bit for summer. Work is as relentless as always, and while there’s more light in the evenings, there’s still no more time. Our volunteer work at the school may end, but we’re as needed at the soup kitchen as ever.

Whether you chose not to work full-time while you were raising your children, or whether you were forced out of the full-time workforce by the crisis in affordable childcare in Vermont that we hear so much about, parenting is hard work.

Here in Vermont, the fact that the radar on self-driving cars can see what’s going on 30 cars in front of you in a giant traffic jam is less important than the fact that the radar is now so good it can see deer in the woods near the road and black ice far ahead on the road, and it can tell the car to slow down before you hit either of them.

This may come as a shock, but Vermont is not perfect. Oh, it may be perfect for some people, but there are at least nine reasons why it’s not perfect for everyone.

My divorce was painful. A year later I tried to date, and I was still a mess.

Another year passed, and one afternoon, I was driving home to Burlington after a weekend in Boston. My six-year-old daughter was asleep in the back. We had just crossed into Vermont on I-89 when I glanced over at a car that was slowly passing, and saw a beautiful woman. She looked over and smiled. We passed each other again and she waved. Then she held up a handwritten sign that said “hi!”

This happens to me all the time when I’m driving.

Kleppner: Used Cars

Jul 11, 2014

If you live on the US side of the border, here’s some advice: never buy a used car in Quebec. Don’t get me wrong: I love Quebec, and I’ve done business there, so I didn’t think twice about answering an ad for a used Honda in Montreal.

The owners and I agreed on a price, but my bank refused to issue a check in Canadian currency. The owners graciously agreed to accept payment in US dollars, so my bank issued a check made out to me and the seller, apparently standard practice for car loans.


At this year's VPR's annual Commentators Brunch event for our Broadcasters Club members, VPR commentators gave brief readings on the common theme, "Lost And Found". This prompted some to reflect on surprising discoveries and others to consider missed opportunities and times past.

From the day she first flew across the Atlantic to the day nine brief years later that she disappeared over the Pacific, Amelia Earhart was probably the most famous woman in the world.

This was hard on my grandmother, who was Amelia’s younger sister.

Kleppner: Jury Duty

Jan 31, 2013