• Broadcast/Transmission Engineer

    Richard Dana is a Broadcast/Transmission Engineer at VPR.

  • Host, All The Traditions

    Robert is not a native Vermonter (although his mother’s family arrived in Burlington in the 1890s), but he has been a part of the local acoustic music scene for more than 35 years. He joined VPR in 1996 as host of

  • Vermont Edition Managing Editor

    Sam Gale Rosen is managing editor for Vermont Edition. He joined VPR in 2015 after working for six years at WBUR Boston as a producer for On Point.

    Sam studied history and literature at Harvard University and was born...

  • News Director

    Ashworth previously worked at VPR as a producer for Vermont Edition, the station’s weekday news magazine, from 2007-2010. Since then, Ashworth has held a number of positions in public radio, including as producer of the Diane Rehm...

  • Production Engineer

    Scott Esmond has worked in media production for 28 years.  He started his first radio station at the age of 8 when he duct taped one walkie talkie to his parents' stereo and gleefully ran around the house with another one on full volume.

  • President & CEO

    Scott Finn has been VPR president & CEO since May 2018. He is formerly the CEO and Executive Director of West Virginia Public Broadcasting (WVPB), a public radio and television network with a statewide audience of more than 2 million....

  • Director of Individual Giving

    After living in the sunny climates of Hawaii, Tanzania and Arizona for several years, she traded desert mountains for the snow-capped variety here in Vermont. In her role as the Director of Individual Giving, she works to engage Vermonters in...

  • Todd Mallory is VPR's IT Specialist.

  • Coordinator of Community Engagement

    Ty began her career at VPR in 1996 as a volunteer working as Robert Resnik's production assistant on All the Traditions and helping out behind the scenes at membership...

  • Director of Operations

    Victoria blends highly technical skills with organizational skills to make radio magic behind the scenes. She manages the day-to-day 'moving parts' needed to bring you VPR's award-winning programming. That includes managing Vermont Public Radio...

  • Senior Music Host and Producer

    Walter may seem buttoned down while playing classical music, but don't be surprised if you see him touring the back roads of Vermont on his classic Harley Davidson! Walter's passion for classical music is apparent, but his encyclopedic...