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Charlotte Albright moved to Vermont from Maine in 2006, after more than a decade of reporting and producing for Maine Public Broadcasting Network. She has also contributed  many  stories to NPR. Her first project for Vermont Public Radio was a series on farming, followed by frequent free-lancing. In January 2012 she joined the VPR staff and now covers the Upper Valley and the Northeast Kingdom.

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A new report  shows that Vermont is making progress toward some key education goals for high school students, but lagging behind the region in other areas. The data have been collected since 2009 using similar metrics and methods by five states in the New England Secondary School Consortium.

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Parts of the Missisquoi and Trout Rivers in northern Vermont are now officially “wild and scenic.” The designation was tacked onto the omnibus federal spending bill passed earlier this month, which is on its way to President Obama’s desk.

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Dartmouth College has become the third institution of higher education in the nation to participate in an organization that recruits veterans who may not otherwise choose to apply to selective colleges.

The Posse Veterans Program also includes Wesleyan and Vassar. The aim is to find, attract and support students who have developed extraordinary talents and life experience during military service.

Charlotte Albright

Vermont's road to universal preschool got smoother with fresh federal assistance announced Wednesday. Over the next four years, the $33 million grant will help public schools partner with private childcare centers and Head Start programs to raise standards and train teachers.  


As winter arrives, many Vermonters are probably going to be shivering – indoors. The state wants to weatherize 80,000 homes, a quarter of them owned or occupied by people with low incomes, by 2020.

But that goal is behind schedule, even though some new money is coming in.

Vermont’s 1,300 home-based child care workers will not be forming a union in Vermont this year. Mailed-in ballots were counted Tuesday at the Labor Relations Board in Montpelier, and union advocates fell short by only 20 votes.

It’s been a hard-fought battle over whether or not to gain collective bargaining rights as part of Vermont Educators United, an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers.

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Vermont’s Agency of Education has surprised many school districts by delaying the start of a new law mandating universal pre-school. The programs were supposed to be ready by next fall, but the agency says it needs more time to hammer out details and schools need more time to budget.

Many districts want to forge ahead anyway.

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More than 60 low-income homes in Vermont will get weatherized thanks to a grant just announced from the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

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A group of young girls in a Northeast Kingdom school are making a lot of joyful noise this season. They belong to a chorus started two decades ago by a woman who brought the tradition of Balkan music to the tiny, remote town of Newark. She died in 2005, but the choir has been revived in her honor by two women who sang for her as little girls.

This month, the new Newark Balkan Chorus is hard at work getting ready for their winter concert.

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Law enforcement officers from Canada and Vermont gathered this week with border patrol officials from both sides of the international boundary. The aim was to foster closer collaboration.