Con Hogan


Con Hogan spent 47 years in business and government in Vermont and around the world. He now lives and farms in Plainfield.

Hogan: Return To Civility

Aug 27, 2018
A headshot of Con Hogan, with his head resting on folded hands.
Toby Talbot / Associated Press

We’re experiencing a decline in civility, certainly in the nation and even here in Vermont.

Hogan: Paying It Forward

Aug 13, 2018

Vermont has some very major long term problems to solve - like serious unfunded pension liabilities and increasing pollution of Lake Champlain.

Hogan: The Fisher Ruling

Aug 1, 2018

I was a member of the original Green Mountain Care Board, put in place in 2011, where I served the maximum term of six years.

The recently reported drop in Vermont’s national rating regarding child well-being should be viewed with concern. We’ve slipped from 3rd to 8th best in the nation.

Richard Shotwell/Invision/AP / Invision/ AP

Anthony Bourdain died last week - by suicide. And at least through my eyes, nothing could have been more unexpected.