David Budbill


David Budbill is a poet - his poems appear on NPR's The Writers' Almanac frequently - and a playwright - his most recent play is A SONG FOR MY FATHER.

In my poem titled "Cyd" from JUDEVINE, Thucydides Augustus McInnes, better known as Cyd, goes, at the age of 80, to Florida intending to spend two weeks visiting friends. When I saw Cyd down at The Garage the next time after he came back and asked him how his trip had been, he said:

“Well, sir, that place I was in, that condom-in-ium, had rules to keep out all the animals and children. Can you imagine that? How could anybody spend his life without animals and children?”

Cyd left two days after he arrived and came home.

Josh Radin

http://www.vpr.net/audio/programs/56/2013/02/Budbill-0201 Archie Shepp_020113__David Budbill_has that cry.mp3