Diana Lischer-Goodband


Diana Lischer-Goodband is a professional grant writer, published poet and writer. She lives on a working farm in Dummerston, Vermont.

In the current political climate, there is little room for discussing climate change. But in my forty years of living in Vermont, this is the warmest Fall I’ve ever experienced. And, each year, spring seems to come just a little bit earlier. Now that it’s apple harvest time, I’m reminded of how precious this year’s apple crop is.

(Host) Today is Thanksgiving, and whether you're a vegetarian or an omnivore, chances are good that you're about to gather with family and friends for this annual Harvest celebration. It's also a day when writer and commentator Diana Lischer-Goodband will be thinking about the wild adventures she's had while living with turkeys on her family farm in Dummerston.