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Ed Adrian is an attorney at the law firm Monaghan Safar Ducham PLLC.  He previously served on the Burlington City Council for five years and currently sits on the Burlington Library Commission.

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Adrian: Bern Out

Jul 15, 2015

Political endorsements are often sought after; difficult to obtain; and even harder to quantify. In Vermont we recently witnessed an early Presidential endorsement battle worthy of the Cold War. Leading Democrats such as Senator Leahy and Former Governors Kunin and Dean endorsed Secretary Hillary Clinton. Governor Shumlin strategically tweeted his endorsement for Clinton the day before Senator Sanders’ official Presidential announcement. Bernie countered and parlayed with the endorsements of noted environmentalist Bill McKibben, Ice Cream gurus Ben and Jerry as well as nearly the entire slate of elected progressive officer holders in Vermont. Subsequent notable endorsements for Sanders include Comedian Sarah Silverman, the Vermont National Education Association and of course legendary Canadian rocker Neil Young.

Adrian: We The Folk

Jun 24, 2015

Mark Leibovich of the New York Times recently explored the popularity of the term “folks” as the nomenclature preferred by politicians when referring to groups of people. And he notes the origins of the word as coming from the old English “folc” meaning … people.

Adrian: Brothers' Keepers

Jun 17, 2015

Recently, the Associated Press reported that a man showed up for jury duty in Caledonia County wearing an iconic black and white striped prison jumpsuit and matching beanie. According to the report, he was segregated from the rest of the jury pool, admonished by the judge and dismissed from service – leading some to speculate that this might “set off a new trend” among persons seeking to avoid jury duty.

Adrian: 2016 is Coming

Jun 4, 2015

Two well-known Vermont politicians looked to 2016 this past week. Senator Bernie Sanders formally announced he’s running for President. And Lt. Governor Phil Scott announced that he’s starting to think about possibly… maybe… running for Governor.

Adrian: Closed Doors

May 19, 2015

Poet William Blake once wrote, “If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, Infinite. For man has closed himself up, till he sees all things thro' narrow chinks of his cavern.”

Article 8 of the Vermont Constitution states “that all elections ought to be free and without corruption, and that all voters having a sufficient, evident, common interest with, and attachment to the community, have a right to elect officers, and be elected into office.” 

Adrian: High Drama

Apr 22, 2015

Under English common law, the crime of mayhem involved maliciously injuring another person so that he would be unable “to defend himself or annoy his adversary.” The colloquial definition of mayhem now entails causing rowdy disruption or confusion. And I would argue that the recently proposed legislation to outlaw alcohol by several members of the Vermont House to underscore the double standard that applies to the sustained proscription of marijuana, comes close to qualifying as political mayhem.

Adrian: Fort Golden Dome

Mar 17, 2015

Spock, the late Leonard Nimoy’s character on Star Trek, once famously stated that “change is the essential process of all existence” – meaning that a society resistant to change, will eventually wither away.

Modern sledding is artfully portrayed in the wildly popular comic strip Calvin and Hobbes. Bill Watterson, the strip’s creator, deftly uses sledding as a metaphor for childhood, life in general and the fleeting and elusive nature of both. Many of us have strong childhood memories of sledding, seared into our consciousness, both because of its inherent thrill, as well as memories of the friends and family who shared in our exhilaration.

Adrian: School Wars

Jan 6, 2015

There’s been an awakening.  Have you felt it?  In the last days of the 2014 election season fifteen Democratic legislators proclaimed that they had finally seen the light and planned to work on real property tax reform during the 2015 legislative session.  Property tax reform is just a code word for school spending reform. 

Adrian: Talking Turkey

Nov 25, 2014

Ancient wisdom dictates that neither politics nor religion should be discussed in “polite” company. Unfortunately, polite or not, many of us just can’t seem to help it – especially during the holidays.

Beginning with Thanksgiving, just the right “primordial succotash” for delving into these forbidden topics is created – in a combination of friends, both new and old; family both wanted and tolerated; copious amounts of food; and of course an abundance of beverage. Many Thanksgiving dinners have gone awry because faith and the affairs of state simply could not be resisted.

Adrian: Code Talkers

Sep 26, 2014

One of the greatest threats to a functioning political system is the tendency of our elected leaders to “speak in code.”