Franny Bastian

Director Of Programming & Production

Franny began her broadcast career at WRUV, the student station at the University of Vermont.  She has worked in radio more than 30 years as a journalist, on air host , writer and producer.  She has also served as press secretary on two Vermont gubernatorial campaigns and as a lobbyist.   She works with VPR's on-air and production team to bring you the best public radio experience possible. 

She's married to VPR engineer Mike Seguin, and describes herself as a dog person, bird watcher, book lover and compulsive knitter.


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Biologists Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra head out to West Haven, Vermont at dusk to brave a cloud of mosquitoes in search of the song of the threatened whip-poor-will.

Melissa Pasanen / Burlington Free Press

It's never been particularly easy to be a farmer, and you might have heard that the average age of farmers is increasing. This has some people concerned that not enough young people are interested in growing our food.

Catherine Hays / VPR

Who doesn’t love the beloved food festival, where it’s OK to eat tomato candy, zucchini ice cream and mounds of cheese?

The Farmhouse Group

Ever dream of owning your own restaurant? Before you take the plunge, we encourage you to read on.

Candace Page, food writer for the Savorvore section of the Burlington Free Press, recently attended an event at ArtsRiot called Adventures in Restauranting. She joined VPR Café to talk about it.

Glenn Russell / Burlington Free Press

Who would imagine that there is an amazing fusion of cultures going on in Cabot, Vermont? It has become the intersection of the Netherlands, Japan and Indonesia.

It’s all happening at Rhapsody Natural Foods, a small, family-run producer of certified organic, traditional foods.

Glenn Russell / Burlington Free Press

American Flatbread, the popular Vermont company that has restaurants in Burlington, Middlebury and Waitsfield, is celebrating its 30th year of business this summer.

Sally Pollak, food writer for the Savorvore Section of the Burlington Free Press, joined VPR Café to talk about where it all began.

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Memorial Day marked the beginning of grilling season for many, which means a lot of meats are being fired up outdoors. But while many adults will bite down on a burger, there is a sort of stigma tied to eating hot dogs.

Candace Page, food writer for the Savorvore Section of the Burlington Free Press, joined VPR Café to talk about a new movement in Vermont that might change your mind about hot dogs.

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What is a dinner party or picnic without wine? But with the overwhelming number of choices, selecting the right wine for your soiree can be intimidating.

Melissa Pasanen, food writer for the Savorvore Section of the Burlington Free Press, spoke with wine experts to help take some of the mystery out of the process.

Spoiler: It doesn’t have to be as complicated – or expensive – as you might think. There’s even an app that makes it fun and easy.

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It's easy to find a place to eat out for breakfast, lunch or dinner. But what about 9 p.m. when you just left the theater with friends?

Steve Faccio

Biologists Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra of the Vermont Center for Ecostudies recently took a trip to the Bolton Cliffs in search of a mighty bird.

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Sometimes, the taste of home-cooked goodness doesn’t become obvious until we take a trip outside our comfort zone, maybe to dine out in a different part of the country.

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Hosting a dinner party may seem like a daunting, and sometimes painful, task. From carefully selecting the guest list to putting the menu together and setting the table, it can be an overwhelming experience.

That said, when you’re hosting or attending a great dinner party, you want to savor every morsel of food and every witty bit of conversation.

Melissa Pasanen, food writer for the Savorvore Section of the Burlington Free Press, joined VPR Café to talk about how to throw a dinner party that friends will remember fondly.

Ever since the first days of radio, we’ve been thrilled by the incredible characters, sounds and music that fill the airwaves. The Flynn Radio Theatre Camp gives young people the opportunity to create their own radio show for family and friends.

Musician Jon Gailmor, a songwriting teacher, has been writing songs and performing throughout Vermont for more than 40 years. He’ll take camp participants ‘behind the scenes’ at VPR to write the script and songs, devise sound effects and record their radio theatre production to take home.

Burlington Free Press/file

Now that winter has loosened its icy grip and some days are actually warm, we can start dining outside and enjoy some wonderful views to go along with our meals.

Sally Pollak, food writer for the Savorvore section of the Burlington Free Press, joined VPR Café to talk about some outstanding places in Vermont to enjoy the outdoors while eating.

Kent McFarland

On an early spring day, biologists Kent McFarland and Sara Zahendra stand in front of a vernal pool in Strafford. It’s noisy.

“The wood frogs are going berserk behind us,” says McFarland. “The sunlight has come down out of the clouds and warmed them up – they are ready to go.”

Brent Hofacker / Flickr

Now that it’s well into spring, Vermont gardeners are itching to dig in and plant vegetable gardens. This season, along with the most delicious vegetable varieties, many Vermont gardeners are looking add color to their food gardens as well.

Against The Grain

Eating gluten-free has quickly become a part of mainstream society. Many with Celiac disease, a serious autoimmune disorder, can’t process gluten, and others have started to eliminate gluten in their diet for various health and lifestyle reasons.

Ryan Mercer / Burlington Free Press

Vermont is known for its maple: maple syrup, maple candy, maple sugar. And in recent years, there has been a growing number of Vermonters using maple sap and syrup to make spirits.

Sally Pollak a food writer for the Burlington Free Press, explains there are two ways Vermont distillers are using maple syrup to make syrup: distilling and rectifying. Distilling maple syrup is essentially turning it into spirits, while rectifying is adding the syrup to already-distilled liquors to flavor or sweeten them.

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Whether it’s a heaping bowl of your mom’s mac and cheese, or a hearty soup from food grown in your garden, comfort food means something different to everyone.

Candace Page, food writer for the Burlington Free Press, was interested in exploring different people’s definition of comfort food and joined VPR Café to talk about her findings.

Sally Pollack / Burlington Free Press

The Cabot coop is made up of about 1,200 farmers throughout the northeast and an extensive database of recipes from bloggers, chefs and farm families. Recently, they compiled the best recipes into a new cookbook titled Cabot Creamery Cookbook.