Hamilton E. Davis

Hamilton E. Davis is a longtime journalist, who has written for the Providence Journal and the Burlington Free Press.

AP/Toby Talbot

Vermont’s 13 hospitals have submitted budgets to the Green Mountain Care Board for the coming fiscal year that call for a spending increase of just 3.0% the lowest annual inflation rate in the modern era and one which amounts to a solid step forward toward controlling costs, a cornerstone of health care reform.

The Vermont Health CO-OP has formally requested that the state’s top financial regulator reconsider her recent refusal to grant the company a license to sell health insurance on the federally-financed Exchange, which will begin enrolling customers Jan. 1, 2014. 

AP/Toby Talbot

The Green Mountain Care Board, the chief manager of health care reform efforts in Vermont, sent a strong message to all the players last week that cost containment and affordability for individuals and businesses in the state will play an enhanced role as the process of reform moves forward.

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Since the Shumlin administration took office a little over two years ago, its major single payer health care policy initiative has rolled steadily forward. The administration won approval for the foundational legislation it needed by a comfortable margin, and the follow-up legislation passed easily, as well.