Jason Lorber


Jason Lorber empowers and inspires teams at companies and non-profits through his business, Aplomb Consulting. He has an MBA from Stanford, and is a former Vermont state legislator.

My sixth-grade son came home from school last week and told me he’d heard about the new law legalizing marijuana. “Don’t they have any idea how stupid that is?!” he said in his pre-teen voice that just oozed disdain for grown-ups.

Following the massacre of mostly queer and transgender Latinos and Latinas at the gay bar in Orlando, we rallied. In Burlington, police estimated that approximately 2,000 lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender, Vermonters, along with our straight allies, marched silently down Church Street, hugged one another, cried together, sang songs, and listened to speeches in City Hall Park.

Lorber: Prisons

Jan 29, 2015

Vermont has a huge addiction problem. We’re addicted to prisons. We love them. And we love to think that they work - but they don’t.

I’m overwhelmed. It’s too much to balance work, family life, sleeping, and socializing, with the time-sucking demands of an ever-increasing social media presence. I can’t do it all, and I shouldn’t do it all. Enough, I say!

It's time to get back to basics. That's why for the next five years, I’ve decided to live my entire life on Facebook, LinkedIn, FourSquare, FiveSquare, SixSquare, SevenSquare, and Shplitter, which is a Yiddish version of Twitter. Goodbye to the distraction of humanity. It’s time to up my Klout score – that’s Klout, with a K.

(Host) While trick-or-treating is usually geared toward kids, this Halloween, performer and commentator Jason Lorber has been thinking about what adults should be scared of - but in a good way.