Karen Kevra


Karen Kevra is a Grammy-nominated flutist and is the founder and artistic director of Capital City Concerts in Montpelier.

Recently, I did a ruthless purge of my music studio. It was time to jettison obscure books, and musty musical scores... Inside of one of the many boxes that I hauled away to the Salvation Army was my first flute.

It may seem unsentimental, even ruthless to part with one's first instrument but this was a profoundly terrible flute. I couldn't sell it – or even give it to a student - but it was still playable. And it was after all how I got my musical start. Maybe it could work some more magic the second time around.

Kevra: Go Sox!

Oct 22, 2013
Courtesy, Karen Kevra

New England is a remarkable hub for sports fans with recurring championships in all genres but I am monogamous when it comes to sports.

My heart belongs to baseball.

I was in the stands at­ Fenway Park for Game 1 of the American League Championship Series and the vibe was electric. The opening ceremony was grand and touching. The Green Monster was draped in a huge American flag and was the backdrop for tributes to heroes of the Boston Marathon Bombings. And Dave Roberts, famous for his 2004 post-season steal against the Yankees, threw out the first pitch.