Maggie Brown Cassidy


Maggie Brown Cassidy recently retired from teaching French at Brattleboro Union High School. She was also a teacher trainer and founder of the BUHS Swiss Exchange, which provided homestays and immersion experiences for hundreds of students in Vermont and Geneva. She continues to teach adults and has written many features for the Brattleboro Reformer.

After a mass shooting, making our country safer becomes everyone’s top priority, and sales of firearms typically reach new record levels. Gun dealers report that while some people buy because they fear more restrictive laws, others want to arm themselves for protection.

Many of my Facebook friends are former students in my French classes, so it’s unsurprising that after the attacks in Paris my Facebook page was flooded with images of the French flag, the Eiffel tower, and other “I stand with Paris” icons. So I’ve been considering what it means to “stand with Paris."

Vermont’s new law promoting the consolidation of school-districts is generating a lot of conversation and anxiety. Act 77 is getting less public attention, but it’s also bringing radical change to Vermont schools.