Meg Little Reilly


Meg Little Reilly is the author of the novels EVERYTHING THAT FOLLOWS and WE ARE UNPREPARED. Prior to writing novels, Meg worked in national politics. She has a B.A. from the University of Vermont and an M.A. from the George Washington University. She grew up in Brattleboro, moved away for a time, and now lives in Hinesburg with her husband and two daughters.

Very soon now, the school year will come to a close, and usher in a season of summer camps, family vacations, and sun-soaked days.

The Olympics are upon us and there’s so much to celebrate from our corner of the country. Vermont produces more winter Olympians, per capita, than any other state and we’ve been leading the pack for many years. Locally, there’s no doubt that the Olympics are a source of immense goodwill.

Today, legislation is under consideration in Washington that would, by most accounts, amount to a massive transfer of wealth from middle class Americans to large corporations and the super rich.

Since Gallop began polling on the subject in 2002, a majority of Americans consistently report they believe America is in moral decline.

Reports of an incident in which an eight year old biracial boy was airlifted to Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center for evaluation and treatment took my breath away. As a parent, there’s no greater fear than imagining my children victimized.

This month, Vermont joined forty-three other states and the District of Columbia in defying a federal government request for personal data on millions of American voters. Republican and Democratic election officials from across the country are saying ‘no’ to an order that would turn over birthdays, partial social security numbers, voter history, and much more.

Americans are anxious. In the wake of two recent terrorist attacks in Europe and a contentious presidential election, stress levels are understandably high. In fact, a recent study by the American Psychological Association found that the current political climate is a “very or somewhat significant source of stress" for a majority of Americans.