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The Hartford School District is about to implement some tough new punishments to deal with a growing drug problem in its schools.

The Vermont Fish and Wildlife Board is considering changes to the state's hunting regulations that would expand the archery season, and a change that would allow hunters to use crossbows during that season.

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A $10 million renovation is underway at the University of Vermont's Miller Farm Complex.

A $650,000 retirement payout to a former CEO who headed up a mental health agency in Windham and Windsor counties is raising some eyebrows. Judith Hayward, the former CEO of Health Care and Rehabilitation Services, was on the receiving end of that $650,000 pay-out, and since that figure came to light in an audit, the current human services agency's CEO has decided to travel to Montpelier and explain the number to lawmakers.

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Suicide is not an easy thing to talk about, but it is a significant public health issue. In 2009, the number of suicides in the United States was higher than the number of car accidents.

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Early one snowy January morning in 2002, a lone man with a gun robbed the Berkshire Armored Car Company terminal in Rutland. The crime netted the perpetrator $1.9 million, and 13 years later, despite a number of leads, no one has been charged in the case. The daring theft was the biggest robbery in Vermont history.

Snow, snow, everywhere you look. This past January saw higher than average snowfall totals, and colder than average temperatures to go along with it, meaning that snow isn't going anywhere until it warms up, so Vermont cities and towns are trying to figure out what to do with it all. One environmental group is not happy with what  the city of Vergennes is doing, piling the snow on the banks of Otter Creek.

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If you're considering visiting Montreal or any other parts north from the U.S., right now might be a good time, even if it's not exactly a warm weather getaway for winter. The reason is the bang you'll get for your buck. The Canadian dollar has fallen to right around 80 cents. That's the lowest it's been since 2009, when the country was in recession.

The main reason for the decline is the fall in oil prices, said Jeff Ayres, a political scientist at St. Michael's College.

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One of the big announcements in Gov. Peter Shumlin's budget address was a proposal for a 0.7 percent payroll tax to help address the Medicaid cost shift. The tax would raise $90 million and would generate an additional $100 million in federal money.  

VPR's Mitch Wertlieb dug deeper into the details of that plan with Lawrence Miller, the governor's chief of Health Care Reform.

A ban on industrial wind projects: that's the recommendation by the executive board of the Northeastern Vermont Development Association, hoping the full board will agree and include the industrial wind project moratorium in its regional plan.