Mickey Myers


Vermont artist Mickey Myers of Johnson has been the Executive Director of Bryan Memorial Gallery in Jeffersonville since 2006. Before that, she was Executive Director at Helen Day Art Center in Stowe.

Courtesy of the artist

The Kent Museum in Calais has come full circle. The historic building, originally built in 1810 as a home, is now maintained by the State’s Historic Sites Division for special occasions. And for the last decade, The Kent has presented an annual art exhibit, usually organized around a theme, for one month during foliage season.

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For years, artist Georgia O’Keeffe has been a hero of mine. Fiercely independent and courageous, a setter of trends in art and lifestyle, O’Keeffe was a genuine maker.

John Philip Hagan / Bryan Memorial Gallery

For the last few weeks, the community of Jeffersonville has been playing host to a group of Russian painters, and their presence in our midst has been a form of painterly détente.

Deb Flanders

Marc Chagall’s career spanned almost 100 years and 3 continents. Considered the quintessential Jewish artist of the 20th century, Chagall was a master colorist, dreamer and story teller. And for a few more days – through June 11 – three hundred and forty of his works can be seen at the Musee des Beaux Arts in Montreal.

Jeffersonville, Vermont, is a village most often associated with Smuggler’s Notch and skiing, but for Women’s History Month this year townspeople were invited to a screening of the American Masters Documentary on writer and activist Maya Angelou, And Still I Rise.

Martha Wood Belcher’s career as an artist spanned two centuries and two continents. She fulfilled the traditional roles of mother, sister, daughter and wife, as well as what is usually considered to be the more contemporary role of an equal financial partner with her husband in supporting - through the sale of her artwork - her mother, sisters and children.