Mike Seguin

Broadcast Engineer

Mike began his radio career during high school when he and a friend built a radio transmitter in the basement of his parents' home. Local broadcasters took notice and the local AM station hired him, while still a student, as a part-time announcer. He went on to pass the required FCC license exams to become a full-time engineer for the same station.

Mike moved to Burlington in 1979 and took a position as the Chief Engineer for WVMT-AM. It was a great match; Mike was with them for more than 20 years serving as Director of Engineering for their group of stations which included several in Rutland.

His career with Vermont Public Radio began as a consulting engineer. When offered a full-time position, Mike jumped, thinking it would be fun and challenging working with a state-wide network.

Mike spends his free time with his wife and two dogs, affectionatelly called the mega-mutts.

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