Miles Anton


Miles Anton of Brattleboro is a high school student, writer and filmmaker.

Anton: Teen Insurgency

Aug 22, 2018
Anna Ste. Marie / VPR

Ethan Sonneborn’s valiant yet ultimately unsuccessful campaign was groundbreaking, in that his respectable finish has cracked the glass ceiling of an entirely new wave of potential candidates.

We all have a duty as citizens to engage in the political process - as I did this winter, when I testified before the state Legislature on behalf of preserving net neutrality.

Arthur Mola/Invision/AP / Invision

Fifteen years ago, a film critically considered a colossal disaster was written, directed and produced by Tommy Wiseau.

As the nation once again celebrates Thanksgiving, the annual question of what it really mean to be thankful reappears. Miles Anton of Brattleboro shares his perspective on what the purpose of Thanksgiving.