Mitch Wertlieb

Local Host, Morning Edition

A graduate of NYU with a Master's Degree in journalism, Mitch has more than 20 years experience in radio news. He got his start as News Director at NYU's college station, and moved on to a News Director (and part-time DJ position) for commercial radio station WMVY on Martha's Vineyard. But public radio was where Mitch wanted to be and he eventually moved on to Boston where he worked for six years in a number of different capacities at member station a Senior Producer, Editor, and fill-in co-host of the nationally distributed Here and Now. Mitch has been a guest host of the national NPR sports program "Only A Game". He's also worked as an editor and producer for international news coverage with Monitor Radio in Boston.

An avid Boston sports fan, Mitch has been blessed with being able to witness world championships for two of his favorite teams (and franchises he was at one time convinced would never win in his lifetime): the Boston Red Sox in 2004, 2007, and 2013, and in hockey, the Boston Bruins, who won their first Stanley Cup in 39 years in 2011.

Mitch has also been known to play a music bed or two during Morning Edition featuring his favorite band The Grateful Dead.  He lives in South Burlington with his wife Erin, daughter Gretchen, and their dog Fezzik. He (Mitch, not Fezzik) has been host of Morning Edition on VPR since 2003.


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Wilson Ring says hello to Murphy the Dog after the pooch's odyssey of more than a year finally came to an end.
Lucy Ring

In early 2016, a collective sigh of relief could be heard from the town of Waterbury when Murphy the Dog was caught and returned to its owners. For a year and a half, the community pulled together in an effort to find this amazing golden retriever. His odyssey is now an e-book called Catching Murphy, written by long-time Associated Press reporter Wilson Ring.

Board games of all types seem to be enjoying a resurgence of popularity even in the age of video games.
Huseyin Onur Cicekci / iStock

For decades, families and friends would gather over the Game of Life or Monopoly to compete and bond. And then along came Pong and other video games and Sorry got packed away. But now it's time to roll the dice or get into character because Vermont Edition is leaping into the world of tabletop games.

sheriff's hat  hanging on the wall
Emily Corwin / VPR

When you think of lucrative jobs in small states like Vermont, sheriff probably doesn't come to mind. But Seven Days reporter Alicia Freese found that some local law enforcement officers are doing a lot better than you might expect, which she wrote about in her recent article “For Vermont's Sheriffs, Policing Is a Lucrative Business.”

The last time the Boston Red Sox won 100 games in a season was 1946, the year Ted Williams played in his only World Series. And since Major League Baseball expanded to playing a 162-game schedule in 1961, no Red Sox team had ever reached that plateau. Until now.

Vermont Public Radio has launched a new podcast called JOLTED. VPR's Emily Corwin, project manager and editor for the podcast, talks about Part 3: Thought, Or Crime?

Corwin said this episode goes into the police's interrogation of Jack Sawyer, where he admitted to buying a gun and ammunition with the intention to shoot up his former school. We also hear an excerpt from that third episode.

Matthew Dickerson fly fishes in Vermont's Mad River.
Mitch Wertlieb / VPR

Vermont has no shortage of beautiful rivers for fly fishing, but the trout that roam these waters are increasingly under threat from environmental challenges that aren't necessarily visible to the naked eye. 

Mitch Moreland came through as a pinch hitter at Fenway Park last night, delivering a walk-off single in the bottom of the 9th for a 6-5 win over the Houston Astros, a win that averts a three-game Houston sweep.

Vermont Public Radio has launched a new podcast called JOLTED. VPR's Nina Keck, a reporter on the project, talks about Part 2: How We Got Here and some of the challenges and ethical questions that came up in reporting a story that sent shockwaves through a community and our state. We also hear an excerpt from that second episode.

Vermont Public Radio has launched a new podcast called JOLTED. VPR's Liam Elder-Connors, a reporter on the project, talks about Part 1: The Shooting That Didn't Happen and what's to come in future episodes. We also hear an excerpt from that first episode.

Members of Burlington-based band A2VT perform onstage
Julian Parker-Burns, Courtesy

From Africa to Vermont: That journey is the inspiration behind the name of the Burlington-based Afropop band A2VT, whose music is a mix of genres, including dancehall, hip-hop and Bollywood. The group recently dropped a new single, and their second album is due out in the fall.

The NFL kicked off its new season last night with the defending superbowl champion Philadelphia Eagles taking on their avian-themed counterparts, the Atlanta Falcons, and if you like sloppy, flag-filled football, this was your kind of game.

The Boston Red Sox completed their biggest comeback of the season yesterday, overcoming a 7-1 deficit to beat the Atlanta Braves on a home run by a former all-star, who until yesterday's game, was content to wait for his Red Sox debut while toiling in the minors.

Construction happening outside the Flynn Center for the Performing Arts on Main Street in Burlington.
Liam Elder-Connors / VPR

The Flynn Center for the Performing Arts is working to repair damage caused by a water main break early Monday morning.

A comeback for the Boston Red Sox. A collapse for the NY Yankees.

I blame the nickname unis.

There are some fans of the Boston Red Sox who will never fully embrace pitcher David Price unless and until he excels in the playoffs, no matter how well he's pitched for Boston this season, and especially since the all-star break.

looking up at an Elmwood Avenue street sign
Ari Snider / VPR

According to initial test results from the Environmental Protection Agency, levels of airborne chemicals in Burlington's Old North End neighborhood are below those considered dangerous to human health by the federal government.

This Lyndonville polling place was once a school, but has since been turned into town offices for Lyndon.
Amy Kolb Noyes / VPR

Vermont’s primary elections defied conventional wisdom by registering a higher than expected voter turnout. We turn to VPR reporter Bob Kinzel to help us parse the details of this election and what made people turn up at the polls.

The Boston Red Sox have a potential gold glove center fielder in Jackie Bradley Jr., but the Cleveland Indians have a guy named Greg Allen in that same position and he showed last night why that award is still, pardon the pun, up for grabs.

Boston Red Sox fans didn't fret much when the team traded rookie pitcher Jalen Beeks to the Tampa Bay Rays for Nathan Eovaldi.