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Nina has been reporting for VPR since 1996, primarily focusing on the Rutland area. An experienced journalist, Nina covered international and national news for seven years with the Voice of America, working in Washington, D.C., and Germany. While in Germany, she also worked as a stringer for Marketplace. Nina has been honored with two national Edward R. Murrow Awards: In 2006, she won for her investigative reporting on VPR and in 2009 she won for her use of sound. She began her career at Wisconsin Public Radio. 

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News reports began speculating earlier this week that it might happen. But Killington Resort now says it’s official: The resort will host a Skiing World Cup event next year.

A Texas investor group that’s been buying up stock in Casella Waste Systems is calling for a shake up of the company’s board of directors. Shareholders have been voting by proxy and the results will be announced Nov. 6; The outcome could threaten Chairman and CEO John Casella’s seat on the board. 

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If you want to know how often Rutland City Police officers use force in a given month; or how often they attend community meetings, that information is now just a mouse click away.

A new data portal the department has been preparing is now open to the public. It’s part of a nationwide effort to help police departments across the country boost transparency.

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Officials in Rutland say Schenectady Police Chief Brian Kilcullen is their top choice to head the Rutland City Police Department. 

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Every child at the center of an abuse or neglect case is assigned a volunteer adult to look out for that child's interest as the case progresses. They're called guardians ad litem, and they play a crucial role in determining what family circumstances will best meet that child's needs.

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Nearly 9,000 people died in the earthquakes that ravaged Nepal in April and May. Hundreds of thousands were made homeless and many still need food, clean water and adequate shelter. 

Bryan and Denise Cupoli of Rutland, traveled to Nepal in 2007 and fell in love with its beauty, culture and people. They say news of the earthquakes hit hard.

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Tension between the Rutland City board of Aldermen and the City’s Police Commission is not new.  But a 2012 internal affairs investigation into alleged racial profiling and officer misconduct by two former Rutland city police officers have caused some city leaders to question the role of Rutland’s Police Commission.


Green Mountain Power officials say its now official: Rutland is the solar generation capital of New England.

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Rutland’s Paramount Theatre will broadcast the second Republican primary debate live Wednesday evening, with two political analysts who’ll take part in discussions before and afterwards.


In states like Utah, Michigan and California, more than 90 percent of students who go to college do so in their home state. But in Vermont, nearly half of students go elsewhere for college — and many never come back.

That youth drain is taking a toll on Vermont, which has the second oldest population in the country after Maine.