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Sam Gale Rosen is managing editor for Vermont Edition. He joined VPR in 2015 after working for six years at WBUR Boston as a producer for On Point.

Sam studied history and literature at Harvard University and was born and raised in Gloucester, Massachusetts.

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A majority of Vermonters say they support raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Democrats hope Gov. Phil Scott's opposition to the wage increase will hurt support for Republicans in the November elections.
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The Vermont Senate passed a budget and approved $34.2 million in new taxes last week - rejecting most most of the cuts proposed late in the game by Governor Shumlin. The Governor, meanwhile, quietly signed the gun bill that he called a "shadow" of the legislation that was originally proposed.


With the Waking Windows music festival in Winooski coming up, we take the opportunity to listen in on Vermont's big and broadening music scene: from rock to funk to EDM to hip hop.

Pablo Lopez Luz / "Overdevelopment, Overpopulation, Overshoot"

Every day, the world's population increases by more than 200,000 people. There are now over 7 billion people who call this increasingly crowded planet home. Whatever you think about that, this level of population growth is fundamentally changing the world - with big impacts on the environment and on human society.

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The Vermont Crime Information Center has a wide range of responsibilities: maintaining the state's sex offender registry, overseeing marijuana dispensaries, running criminal record checks, and more. 

What's more, in the past several years, a lot under the VCIC's purview has been changing. The sex offender registry has gone through big changes, and has come up short in state audits of its accuracy.  And the arrival of medical marijuana dispensaries has added a complex new layer of oversight to the center's responsibilities.

We're discussing it all with VCIC director Jeffrey Wallin -- first hearing from Allen Gilbert of the ACLU Vermont about his concerns about the sex offender registry.


April is National Poetry Month, and poetry enthusiasts around Vermont have embraced the occasion with readings and new publications. This April, nominations are open for Vermont's next poet laureate, which gives an appointed poet a chance to spread the word about poetry. 

Vermont's current laureate, Sydney Lea of Newbury, has spent his time promoting the literary form at libraries around the state. He'll retire from the position in a few months, when the next poet laureate takes the helm.

Emergent Media Center at Champlain College

Champlain College's trailblazing Game Studio -- which offered the nation's first four-year degree in making video games -- is celebrating its tenth anniversary. Since the program began, a lot has changed in the world of gaming. You're as likely to be playing Angry Birds on your phone as blasting away at aliens on your home console or PC. The community of people who play video games has become more diverse, not without some resistance. And a growing world of independent developers are experimenting with new ideas and forging their own paths.

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The spring migration is beginning, and more and more birds are arriving in the region. So, get out your waterproof binoculars and download the latest birding app and let us know what birds you’ve spotted or what avian behavior has perplexed or inspired you.