Sarwar Kashmeri


Sarwar Kashmeri of Reading Vermont is an adjunct professor of political science at Norwich University and author of NATO 2.0: Reboot or Delete.  He holds a degree in Aerospace Engineering, and specializes in international business and national security.

Some years ago while still a resident of New York I received a fund-raising letter from then Governor Mario Cuomo that began with the salutation: Dear Fellow Italian-American...

Margaret Thatcher’s death removes from the world’s stage a remarkable human being. She rose from humble beginnings in a society ridden with class and gender bias to become the longest serving British prime minister of the 20th Century.

I had been inspired by the successful buy-back program run by the Los Angeles Police Department last December. In one day more than two thousand firearms were purchased in this no-questions-asked program run by one of the country's most innovative police departments. The guns they purchase are melted down and destroyed.

(Host) Once a year, VPR commentators gather for a brunch, during which they present short essays on a common theme. VPR records these essays to sample later on the air. When Worlds Collide was this year's theme, and it reminded commentator Sarwar Kashmeri that *words* also sometimes collide - with interesting results.

(Kashmeri) So I'm Sarwar Kashmeri and my commentary is titled, We Don't Sell That Here.