Tasha Wallis


Tasha Wallis served in the administrations of Governors Howard Dean and Jim Douglas. Currently, she is Executive Director of the Lamoille County Planning Commission.  She lives in Morrisville with her husband Kevin Goddard.

Tasha Wallis

When we were small, my brothers and I would drink sap or pull beautiful round, slightly sweet, pieces of ice out of the buckets hanging on trees we passed walking home from the school bus.

It’s such a joy to see the long list of Vermonters representing at the Olympic Games and fun to see the stories on so many athletes from Norwich. I grew up there with a generation of Olympic skiers and must be some sort of slacker.

Tasha Wallis

The Boardwalk at Barnes Camp is now open for Vermonters and visitors alike. The five-foot-wide walkway is just below the gate that closes Smugglers Notch for winter, on the Stowe side. It’s about 600 feet long, is a universally accessible portion of the Long Trail and offers stunning, and previously unavailable views of the Notch.

Route 100 from Morrisville to the Northeast Kingdom is stunning in high summer. I traveled that way to Lake Memphramagog to accompany - in a kayak, for safety- my friend Martha who was competing in a ten mile open water swim.

Wallis: Women's Hockey

Jan 25, 2016

I grew up in Vermont playing pond hockey. We shoveled snow in straight lines to clear the ice. The dogs, Seamus and Mr. McGregor would happily retrieve the puck from snowbanks that formed the edges of the rink - temporary until the next snow.

Wallis: Supermoon

Aug 25, 2014

Fall doesn’t officially begin until the autumnal equinox on September 22nd – and on the 9th, the third Supermoon of the summer will appear in the sky. And if you haven’t seen one yet, be sure to mark your calendar.

I find the moon’s path confusing. In our view at home, the Sun marches predictably with the seasons from North to South along the Spine of Mount Mansfield. The Moon however, appears capriciously, waxing and waning and darting about.

Most of us want to know where we came from. Interest in genealogy is exploding and the internet means finding out who your great grandparents were may only be a few clicks away.

Recently, Time magazine ran a piece with the intriguing title, “How genealogy became as popular as porn.” Apparently, genealogy is the second most searched internet category – porn being the first.

After gardening, genealogical research is our second most popular leisure activity. And given the huge horse flies in my garden right now, I’m happy to opt for the family history.

It’s summer in Vermont and I should turn off the laptop, put away the iphone and 'just say no' to the cable company. But I can’t do it, because I have serious, well advanced, World Cup soccer fever.

Long before the games even started I watch ed World Cup commercials on Youtube. They’re brilliant. Of course they are. You bring in marketing genius when you’re aiming at the biggest market on earth.

This year, spring has taken me back one hundred and fifty years to a time when the Army of the Potomac stirred from its winter camps when the summer campaigns - and the killing season - began.

I was dining with my parents last fall when my dad said - as casually as he might speak of the weather - that he was wondering what to do with my Great Great Grandfather’s Civil War letters. At the age of fifty, this was the first I’d ever heard of them. So all winter, I had one foot in the present and one in the past, transcribing dozens of letters from the Civil War.