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Taylor is VPR's digital reporter. After growing up in Vermont, he graduated with at BA in Journalism from Northeastern University in 2013.

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Scott Milne, by his own account, likes to keep things "boring." But political insiders have been wondering just how boring the Republican candidate can afford to be; Gov. Peter Shumlin has already put out four television ads and as of Oct. 15, Milne's only ad buys were on Facebook.

Vermont’s unemployment rate went up last month, from 4.1 percent in August to 4.4 percent in September, according to the latest report from the Department of Labor. Over the same period, the national unemployment rate fell from 6.1 percent to 5.9 percent.

Labor Commissioner Annie Noonan attributes the increase to seasonal trends, noting that last year’s unemployment rate followed a similar pattern in late summer and early fall.

The deal between IBM and GlobalFoundries for IBM’s chip manufacturing and sales divisions doesn’t fit the traditional definition of the word “sale.” In a sale, the money goes to one party and some asset or commodity goes to the other.

The South Burlington School Board and teachers still haven’t come to an agreement after 11 hours of negotiations Thursday, but the school system announced yesterday that non-academic activities will resume.

According to a release from the school board, “the Teachers’ Association and School Board remain apart on both salaries and employee contributions towards health insurance premiums.”

FairPoint workers in Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine have launched a strike. The 2,550 workers are holding out for a better contract deal after months.

Negotiations reached an impasse in early September, but at the time workers decided to hold off on a strike. Since then, FairPoint unilaterally reduced benefits for the unionized employees.

As South Burlington students and teachers spent a third day out of the classroom Thursday, Gov. Peter Shumlin’s patience with the walkout was thin.

He says the strike harms all the wrong people.

“When you see what's going on in a community like South Burlington, the people that get hurt are the kids, the moms and the dads who suddenly have no place for their kids to go during the day," he says.

Instead, Shumlin wants to outlaw teacher strikes in favor of mandatory, binding arbitration.

Republican gubernatorial candidate Scott Milne voluntarily disclosed his personal financial information Thursday, despite Vermont’s lack of financial disclosure laws for politicians. Milne released his 2012 and 2013 tax returns and a completed “Ethics in Government Act Financial Disclosure Statement,” which is required for members of the U.S. House of Representatives.

The taxi-ish company Uber has launched in Burlington. Will convenience win out, or is Uber's hyper-competitive philosophy a bad fit for Vermont?

Dean Corren’s media blitz is in full swing in October, as the Progressive/Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor’s $34,500 in media buys this month more than quadruple his previous spending. But the big increase doesn’t push Corren past incumbent Phil Scott, who dropped $50,000 this month for media help from Hen House Media in Williston.

In the first day of a teacher's strike in the South Burlington School District, more than 100 teachers walked the picket line in front of South Burlington High School, calling on the school board to come to the negotiating table sooner rather than later.

With more than 2,000 students out of school, both sides say they want the strike to end as soon as possible, but teachers say the strike was the only way to make the board move quickly in the negotiations.