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Burlington Mayor Miro Weinberger won a major victory Tuesday over three challengers.

Weinberger said the margin of 3,525 votes, according to unofficial tallies, underlines Burlingtonians’ feeling that his administration is doing what’s best for the city.

‘Today, the engaged people of Burlington have sent the strong message that we are on the right path,” Weinberger said before an energetic crowd of supporters at Nectar’s after the results came in.

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A new study from the University of Vermont found that Vermont doctors are failing to follow best practices about half the time when prescribing antipsychotic medicine to children.

The use of antipsychotics has become increasingly common in recent years, said the study’s lead author Dr. David Rettew.

“But there’s actually very little data that speaks to whether this is an appropriate increase or whether this reflects an overuse of this class of medications,” he said.

The city of Burlington has entered into an agreement with developer Eric Farrell to help plan the development of land formerly owned by Burlington College.

Farrell purchased roughly 28 acres of land from Burlington College as part of the college’s efforts to reduce its debt. Now he’s launching a public process to develop a plan for the site, keeping in mind community goals of conservation and access across the property from North Avenue to the city’s bike path.

Burlington officials are working to strike the balance between two fundamental aspects of government: Keeping speech free and keeping government resources off the campaign trail.

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Champlain College is one step closer to a new mixed-use development near the heart of downtown Burlington.

The new building is set to replace what is currently a parking lot with a 104-unit student housing development with underground parking and commercial space on the ground floor.

“This will add 104 units, 290 beds in the downtown corridor, walking distance to our campus on our existing shuttle bus route,” said David Provost, Champlain’s senior vice president for finance and administration.

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A group of University of Vermont students and staff braved the freezing weather Wednesday in an effort to rally their peers to vote on Town Meeting Day.

The group is enthusiastic about this election because the city council now has two seats that represent the area surrounding UVM which is dominated by students.

With that in mind, two students are also on the ballot this year. Senior Carmen Scoles is running as a Democrat in the Eastern District, a large area that covers UVM’s campus and surrounding neighborhoods where many students rent.

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont said Tuesday that thousands of its customers may have had their personal information compromised by a data breach at another insurance company.

According to a news release, the Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Vermont (BCBSVT) customers in question are those who were treated in the 14 states in which Anthem, Inc. operates.

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Members of Vermont’s congressional delegation are pressing their colleagues to prevent a shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security this week.

The department’s funding will stop at the end of the day Friday if no resolution is reached, but Republican leaders in the House and the Senate have so far not allowed a vote on a “clean” budget bill.

The budget itself is not the point of contention, said Rep. Peter Welch.

The city of Winooski is asking residents to leave the water running.

That's part of the city's effort to prevent the water main breaks and frozen pipes that have caused extensive trouble this week.

Winooski Public Works Director Peter Wernsdorfer says the recent cold weather has been tough on the city's network of underground water lines.

Because of that, the city is asking residents to turn a faucet on and let the water run so it won't freeze in the distribution lines.

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Vermont's first digital currency ATM has been ordered closed by state regulators who say the company operating the cash machine is violating state law. 

The move by the Department of Financial Regulation has disappointed the tech enthusiasts who used the new currency service. 

Blu-Bin, a Burlington-based 3D printing business, is a visible part of the city’s technology scene and geek community. The business made a splash in those circles last fall when it became home to the state’s only Bitcoin ATM.