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Vermont Gas Systems and the state’s Department of Public Service announced an agreement today that puts a limit on how much of the cost of its Addison County pipeline Vermont Gas is allowed to pass to ratepayers.

Under the agreement, Vermont Gas is allowed to recover $134 million of the project’s estimated $154 million cost from ratepayers.

Nearly 3,000 registered vehicles registered in Vermont are potentially outfitted with a “defeat device” Volkswagen admitted to installing in cars to deceive emissions inspectors.

Attorney General Bill Sorrell launched an investigation into the issue Thursday, according to an announcement from his office.

Information released by the Vermont Department of Motor Vehicles shows that there are 2,852 Volkswagens and 54 Audis registered as having four-cylinder diesel engines with model years 2009 to 2015.

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Members of a Burlington homeowners association will soon be able to enjoy the association’s private beach without fear that they’re swimming in a neighbor’s excrement.

A private contractor is fixing an improper pipe connection in Burlington Wednesday that caused a home’s sewage to flow untreated into Lake Champlain for as many as 15 years. City officials discovered Sept. 2 that the home's wastewater, which is supposed to be connected to sewer pipes that lead to a treatment plant, was instead flowing to a stormwater pipe that flows directly into Lake Champlain.

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Vermont lawmakers met with local and state officials Tuesday to try to figure out how to slow the flow of raw sewage into the state’s rivers and lakes.

Vermont State Trooper Kyle Young died last Thursday because of heat stroke, the state police said Monday.

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A Burlington home connected to the wrong city pipe has been fueling a public health hazard on a private beach in the city’s New North End all month, and officials don’t know when the problem started.

Burlington Public Works Director Chapin Spencer says that a wastewater line coming from a home in the New North End was connected to the city’s stormwater pipe instead of a sewer main.

In that area of town, Spencer said, the underground pipe networks for stormwater and wastewater are separate, “so the stormwater pipe goes to Lake Champlain.”

Vermont Departmenr of Fish and Wildlife

State officials are threatening enforcement action against the Village of Swanton over a municipal dam that is in such disrepair that it’s threatening the habitat of an endangered species of fish.

In response to requests from the public, the Environmental Protection Agency has extended the deadline for public comments on its new pollution reduction targets for Lake Champlain.

In an announcement Wednesday, the agency said that “[i]n response to requests for additional time, EPA is extending the comment period for 30 additional days, until October 15, 2015.”

The agency released the plan August 14, initially opening a 30-day comment period.

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The University of Vermont is planning to sell two groups of buildings that house graduate students, medical students and students with families. Officials at the university say the sales are in line with plans to centralize the campus, but some students feel like their housing is being sold out from under them with no ready replacement.

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Even as state and federal officials direct new money and staffing to water quality efforts across the state, the networks of pipes that bring water to and from Vermont homes and businesses are crumbling beneath their feet.