Verandah Porche


Verandah Porche, is a poet, performer, essayist, and itinerant teacher based in Guilford, Vermont. She travels around New England creating told poetry and shared narrative with those who need a writing partner.

Verandah Porche, courtesy

We chose the name Total Loss Farm on a whim. We’d never heard of a commune. But when we arrived, fresh from riots in Washington, DC, we could see a future in the open fields, woods, rickety house, barn, and outbuildings. At 23, I wanted to dig in and create our sudden Eden.

Among the lilacs, tag sales and black flies, Memorial Day in Vermont invites us to ponder mortality, sacrifice, and the passage of time. “Show me your cemeteries and I will tell you what kind of people you have,” Benjamin Franklin once declared, meaning, how do the living honor their dead?

You may have heard about the person who posed an awkward Woman Question to veteran journalist Gay Talese, age 84, at the recent Power of Narrative conference in Boston. Well, I was that person, and that moment touched off “a national social media firestorm."