Wendy Wilton


Wendy Wilton has been treasurer of the City of Rutland since 2007, achieving clean audits since 2012.  She cares deeply about the financial strength of the state and its communities.

Governor Scott’s proposal to save $26 million in the state education fund by reforming the health care coverage for teachers put him at loggerheads with the opposing legislative majority and the VTNEA, which has deep financial resources to influence public opinion.

Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan and Governor Phil Scott both supported immigration bill S.79 now passed by the legislature. Some say it was largely an anti-Trump symbolic gesture, while others say it sets the stage for a sanctuary state without explicitly stating that goal.

Democrats and Progressives in the Vermont House of Representatives have voted to recount the close election of Chelsea Republican Representative Bob Frenier for the second time.

I have a confession to make: I’m a Trump supporter. Now that the election is over I’m delighted with both my choice and the outcome of the election.