After A Historic Election, Our Commitment To You

Nov 17, 2016

As we are all witnessing, the election has pulled at the fabric of our country like few elections before. Regardless of politics, the election of a new President is a time of transition and uncertainty for many. It is more important now than ever before to have a source of independent, fact-based news where you can hear multiple perspectives on issues and events; investigative journalism that holds public officials accountable; and where you can engage with people whose politics are informed by different beliefs from your own.

The role of the media has been a big part of the conversation during this election. All of us at VPR are committed to producing high quality, thoughtful journalism that fosters understanding, bridges divides and broadens perspectives. Our goal will always be to pursue fact-based truth, fueled by the belief that a strong and free press serves the public interest and supports a healthy democracy. VPR seeks to honor everyone’s story with civility and respect.

Throughout the campaign season, VPR produced comprehensive election coverage on the air and online. VPR’s Time To Vote guide was an invaluable tool for tens of thousands of voters. VPR’s three statewide polls gauged Vermonters’ opinions on issues and candidates. Our debate series gave listeners the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates and hear a thoughtful dialogue that went beyond soundbites and rhetoric. And finally, VPR and NPR were there for you all day and all night on Election Day.

Our job now is to serve you with the best journalism possible in the months ahead. We will explore the whole Vermont story, together, and continue to serve as the essential, trusted and independent voice for the people of our region.

Thank you for placing your trust in us—and for supporting VPR’s mission. We appreciate it more than we can express in words. And we will continue to work to realize the full promise and potential of non-profit public service journalism for Vermont and our region.