After Newtown: Mental Illness, Stigma And Resources

Dec 19, 2012

Efforts to explain the Newtown, Ct., shootings have coalesced around mental health care. But some providers worry about drawing too close of a connection between violence and mental illness. On the next Vermont Edition, we look at mental health services in Vermont, and whether or not the right care is getting to people at the right time. Our guests are Dr. Jay Batra, a psychiatrist with the Department of the Mental Health, and Ted Mable, executive director of the Northwestern Counseling and Support Services in St. Albans. We also hear from NAMI-Vt, the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Also in the program, Lake Champlain's trout. The lake has a robust trout population but the annual census has consistently revealed that almost all of the adult lake trout have been raised in hatcheries and been stocked. Ellen Marsden, UVM professor of fisheries, discusses the research she and her students have done to try to determine the cause and the repercussions.