Ahead Of The Nevada Democratic Caucus, Sen. Harry Reid Declines To Endorse A Candidate

Feb 17, 2016

Nevada’s most influential Democrat is staying out of the presidential race between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Nevada Sen. Harry Reid says he will not endorse either candidate ahead of this Saturday’s Democratic caucuses in his state.

"I've been very certain, I want to make sure there's no complaints about the caucus being fair,” Reid said after addressing an appreciative crowd at a Democratic Latino outreach event in Las Vegas Tuesday night.

“I don't want anyone saying that Reid bigfooted the caucus. So, I want the caucus to go forward, I want everyone to come out,” he said.

The former Senate Majority Leader wouldn’t make any guesses about winners or voter turnout, two questions that are wide open in a state with very little political polling.

"I think it's going to be great,” he said. “We had over 100,000 last time, eight years ago. I don't know what we'll do this time but it's going to be good."

Reid argued hard for Nevada’s role in the presidential nominations to be moved up early in calendar, a change he won in 2008.