And, We're In Business!

Sep 29, 2014

The dream of opening your own business can lead to satisfaction and accomplishment... or frustration and financial setback. On the next Vermont Edition, we look at what it takes to start a small business.  We talk about writing a solid business plan, the legal and financial regulations you need to learn, and how to test your product or service against the marketplace. Our guests are Steve Densham, an advisor with the Vermont Small Business Development Center, and Gwen Pokalo, director of the Women's Small Business Program at Mercy Connections. Both organizations are offering workshops on starting a business.

Also in the program, in interview with Burlington novelist David Huddle. His new book The Faulkes Chronicle examines the a family transformed by the death of its matriarch.

And we read from your comments to the program.

Broadcast live on Mon., Sept. 29 at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.