Author Gail Sheehy On Gender Norms, Bernie Sanders And The Class Of 2016

May 20, 2016

University of Vermont students at this weekend's commencement ceremonies will hear from one of their own, an alum who went on to forge a world-renowned career as an author and journalist. Gail Sheehy graduated from UVM in 1958 and then moved to New York just as a second wave of feminism was changing the rules of the game in traditional reporting and writing.

By 1968 she had become one of the founding writers for New York magazine and was regularly appearing in that and other publications with heavy hitting literary figures including Gloria Steinem, Tom Wolfe and Nora Ephron. She's been a contributing editor to Vanity Fair since 1984.

Sheehy's best known book Passages was named by the Library of Congress as one of the 10 most influential books of our times.

Sheehy spoke with VPR about the class of 2016, presidential politics and her time at UVM in the 1950s.