Awesome Etiquette: Commenting On Social Media

Sep 29, 2017

Controlling interruptions is useful and polite when having a conversation. But should that skill be applied to social media? Are you hijacking someone's post if you try to one-up the person with a photo you think is more cute or with a funnier story?

Heck no! Editing your comments on social media isn't always necessary as these platforms are intended for engagement, connecting with others and generous participation. Of course, stalking and spamming are never welcome; however, if you stay on topic within the thread and avoid non sequiturs, speaking freely is what most social sites are about.

Finally, remember that just like an in-person conversation, religion, politics, finance and family are topics to tread lightly around or to avoid altogether. Hear us discuss more on the subject by listening to this podcast of Awesome Etiquette