Awesome Etiquette: How To Extract Yourself From A Dull Dinner Party

Feb 21, 2018

Let's be honest — not all dinner parties are great. The fun-factor might be low and the food could be subpar. So how do you know when to make an exit without making it seem as though you're rushing out the door?

Before shoveling in that last bite of dinner and making a break for it, remember a few things. The host probably invited you because s/he enjoys your company and, chances are, a lot of work went into the evening. So even though it may not be a top 10 dinner party, you might want to grin and bear it to show your appreciation.

But if staying for the whole party is just not an option, a good rule of thumb is to hang around for about an hour after dinner. Who knows? Maybe things will get a little livelier after the meal and you'll be glad you stayed.

But when you do decide to hit the bricks, always remember to sincerely thank the host and mention something specific about the evening you enjoyed. Listen to this podcast to hear a few more tips!

This episode was originally posted in May 2017.