Awesome Etiquette: How On-Line Dating Has Changed First Dates

Sep 1, 2017

In the world of on-line dating, first dates are becoming less formal and, instead, turning into quick meetings over coffee or lunch. With this modern, time-saving way of getting to know someone, the opportunity to have multiple first dates in one day is now an option.

In many cases, on-line dating has replaced a lot of in-person venues where people used to meet. Nowadays, first dates are often short, casual meetings to see if there's chemistry between two people. Dating experts even suggest keeping first meetings low stress and low impact. So with this new found time, it is possible for multiple meetings in one day.

But be clear when arranging a get-together, explaining that it's simply a quick hello to see if you get along in person. Also, try to schedule these meetings in different locations and spread far enough apart so no one feels bruised by accidently running into another potential suitor.

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