Awesome Etiquette: It's My Party And I'll Swim If I Want To

Jul 14, 2017

So you're throwing a pool party. The guests are on their way, food is prepped, drinks are chilled and the pH balance in the pool is perfect. It's going to be a great time! But, wait. How can you enjoy all the fun you've planned when you're the host? 

By pre-planning for the event, it's completely possible to have a delightful time at your own party and work in a swim. As a matter of fact, enjoying yourself is an integral part of the hosting process.

Of course, you don't want to neglect your duties of serving drinks, refreshing the food and making sure guests are happy, so wait for everyone to arrive before slipping into your Speedo. Once they've been greeted, offered food and refreshments, and invited to participate in activities, it's now your turn to take a dip with friends.

If you're co-hosting with a partner or housemate, try tag-teaming so someone is always available to tend to guests and keep the party running smoothly. Remember to switch off with your co-host so s/he can have fun, too. But if you don't have someone to share the responsibilities with, consider recruiting a friend to take care of grilling the grub and refilling drinks.

With a little communication and preparation, you should have no problem diving into your own pool party with family and friends.

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