Awesome Etiquette: It's Never Too Late

Aug 17, 2017

An important task for a married couple to get to not long after their big day, is sending out thank-you notes to those who participated, celebrated and gave gifts at the wedding. But how long is too long to mail those cards?

Recently, we were told by a married couple that seven years had past since their wedding and they still hadn't gotten to all the thank-you notes. They went on to ask if they should still send them this late in the game, or if that would be more embarrassing then not having sent them at all.

Sometimes life just gets in the way, things happen, and the thank-you note doesn't get written. But even seven years late, it will most likely be appreciated. The recipient will probably receive it in good humor, have a laugh and think that it's awesome you remembered. It's never too late to show gratitude. 

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