Awesome Etiquette: The Rules Of Regifting

Dec 15, 2017

Regifting can be very tempting but there are lots of negatives that go along with it. Friends and family spend money and put time into choosing a gift only to get hurt should they find out it's been passed on to someone else. Regifting is not paying forward and we advise against this practice; however, we do have some suggestions if you must regift. 

  • You genuinely think the person you're regifting to will truly appreciate the item
  • Keep the gift in its original packaging
  • It cannot be something homemade, monogrammed or insanely unique
  • Be certain that no one involved will be offended or hurt if the truth comes out and the act of regifting is uncovered

But the best way to regift is to simply be honest. Tell the person you're giving it to that it's something extra you have and that you'd really like to pass it on (and, for crying out loud, don't forget to remove the "to" and "from" tags from the original giver).

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