Awesome Etiquette: Wait, Is This A Date?

May 12, 2017

This time, we field a question about whether or not an invitation to join a friend for a drink or to attend a movie, is really a request for a date.

It's often difficult to determine the intentions of an acquaintance who asks you to join him or her for a night out; especially when you both only get together socially with a larger group of friends.

One solution is to set boundaries and be up-front by stating that you're hoping to get to know the person better but not looking to date anyone at the moment. Another option is to suggest that another friend come along to help keep things out of romantic territory. Or you can try not to assume too much and see where the evening leads.

Feelings and emotions may or may not be on the line, so it's usually best to have open communication. Listen to the episode of Awesome Etiquette for more.