Awesome Etiquette: The Wedding Gift Obligation

Oct 27, 2017

We often find ourselves grappling with age-old etiquette that suggests sending a wedding gift even when you can't attend the event. Some might find this tradition unrealistic to uphold, but generally, we think it still holds true.

Let's start by saying that if a close friend or family member invites you to one of the biggest days of his or her life, hopefully you'll want to extol that request by attending and offering a gift. Inspiration for gift-giving should come from the honor of being part of the special day and not feel like an obligation.

But if you just can't make it, we still encourage sending a small token to commemorate the event. Of course, if the couple to be married is treating the invitation like an invoice for a gift, that's just wrong.

Listen to this podcast of Awesome Etiquette for more of our thoughts on the topic.