Awesome Etiquette: When Real Life Relationships Impact Social Media Friendships

Jul 21, 2017

Your best friend just broke up with her beau who you happen to be friends with in both real life and on Facebook. Now what do you do? "Unfriend" him or stay connected at the risk of ticking off your bestie?

The beauty of social media is that there are no formal rules. Of course, you should always be mindful of manners and etiquette on-line and off, but the bottom line is that you have total control over how you participate.

If you choose to disassociate yourself with someone on social media, chances are, they may not even realize it. Most social media platforms don't send notifications to connections who have been deleted. The person may eventually figure it out when s/he notices your absence in a feed or is unable to link to your page, but culling friends in the electronic world is pretty common for one reason or another.

And if you happen to have the inside scoop about an impending romantic break-up, be considerate and wait until after it occurs before severing ties on a social network. 

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