Awesome Etiquette: Zip It, It's My Turn To Talk

Jul 28, 2017

We've all been caught up in a conversation with someone who enjoys talking a lot about very little and, often, about themselves. So how do you keep the dialog on-topic and the focus off of the other person?

To be fair, this happens to many of us because it's natural to relate things to our own experiences. Our monologue begins flowing and we forget to let others have a turn to share a story, ask a question or, essentially, have a conversation.

But if someone just won't stop talking, there are some strategies you can try:

  • Attempt to turn the conversation back to a topic that interests you
  • Invite the other person to add their opinion about something going on in your life
  • Introduce new topics they may know nothing about
  • Politely excuse yourself from the conversation

Good conversation is an art and can often be difficult and challenging. So it's best to have an abundance of topics in your back pocket. For further advice on how to manage discourse with someone who loves to blather on and on, listen to this podcast of Awesome Etiquette