Behind The Lens Of The Locally-Produced Thriller, 'Haze'

Aug 24, 2017

With a with ton of self-discipline and 27 pages of script, Burlington's Rob Cunning made a featurette-length film with no money. Plus encouraging words from his film-making idol just days before beginning to shoot turned out to be priceless.

On a recent visit to VPR, Cunning said, "We shot our first day on a Saturday. On that (previous) Wednesday, I went to Philadelphia for a Q&A with David Lynch and he actually gave me some advice. So three days before filming, I actually got advice from my number-one favorite filmmaker... "

Cunning talked about his new film, "Haze" and how he and two crew created the no-budget thriller, filmed entirely in Burlington.

The experimental thriller filmed in Burlington follows its main character who is under the influences of a new and dangerous drug. Cunning worked on the project as its main actor, director and editor for the better part of three years.

He enlisted his friend, musician Chris Wilcox to write an original 45 minute score.

The film will premiere as part at Arts Riot in Burlington on Tuesday, August 29 at 8 p.m., and on Burlington Telecom's RETN TV station.